Every Child Matters Aims and Application Essay


Every Child Matters is the initiative of the UK government and in 2003 it was launched in response to the death of a girl Victoria Climbie. It is an important initiative policy and a development program in relation to the service of children of the last decade.

The Act has given the title of the three government papers and leads to Children Act 2004. It covers young adults and children age 19 to 24 with disabilities. Every Child Matters presented to the Parliament that sparked by the death of young Climbie that was the child abuse victim.

The striking and factor of earth-shaking in the tragic instance is a strong possibility that exists which suffer Victoria and death prevent the strike. It is not possible to predict official inquiry in the case which is headed through Lord Laming that is investigated facet including child protection system.

Inquiry Report

In terms of system, it becomes an alert to the potential of child abuse. The death of the Victoria resulted in Inquiry that was conducted by the Lord Laming for investigating the childcare system and it makes different recommendations which are based on findings.

Inquiry Report has recommended different changes to the system by the elimination of Inquiry that termed as the buck-passing by guidance processes. Understanding protection and also support calls of children for broader scope than statutory agencies.

This procedure requires to include association with a community that is based on involvement scope, resources, and alerts.  For achieving ends as mentioned earlier, an inquiry set the structure by changing recommended changes in structure that deliver the services to families and children.


Heywood (1998) stated that ideology is coherent ideas set which gives the basis for different organized actions and ideologies usually offer an account of the existing order of words that give a model of desired future and political change need to be accurate.

The freedom of individuals is necessary for pursuing happiness and costs are necessary to know the individualism. It also emphasizes equality and individual rights to getting different opportunities.



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