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Every Child Matters is the initiative of the UK government and in 2003 it was launched in response to the death of a girl Victoria Climbie. It is an important initiative policy and a development program in relation to the service of children of the last decade.

The Act has given the title of the three government papers and leads to Children Act 2004. It covers young adults and children age 19 to 24 with disabilities. Every Child Matters presented to the Parliament that sparked by the death of young Climbie that was the child abuse victim.

The striking and factor of earth-shaking in the tragic instance is a strong possibility that exists which suffer Victoria and death prevent the strike. It is not possible to predict official inquiry in the case which is headed through Lord Laming that is investigated facet including child protection system.

Inquiry Report

In terms of system, it becomes an alert to the potential of child abuse. The death of the Victoria resulted in Inquiry that was conducted by the Lord Laming for investigating the childcare system and it makes different recommendations which are based on findings.

Inquiry Report has recommended different changes to the system by the elimination of Inquiry that termed as the buck-passing by guidance processes. Understanding protection and also support calls of children for broader scope than statutory agencies.

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This procedure requires to include association with a community that is based on involvement scope, resources, and alerts.  For achieving ends as mentioned earlier, an inquiry set the structure by changing recommended changes in structure that deliver the services to families and children.


Heywood (1998) stated that ideology is coherent ideas set which gives the basis for different organized actions and ideologies usually offer an account of the existing order of words that give a model of desired future and political change need to be accurate.

The freedom of individuals is necessary for pursuing happiness and costs are necessary to know the individualism. It also emphasizes equality and individual rights to getting different opportunities.

Liberalism belief which needs to be free for making the ideological spectrum free form mistakes and that helps in improving the lifestyle of different ways and pursuing the philosophies and thoughts that provided the infringe on freedom of different people.

Every Child Matters published in 2004 alongside the response to the Lord Laming in death of the Victoria Climbie. A policy that is aimed at ensuring the child that has a chance for fulfilling the potentials through reducing the educational levels of failure.

The Polices are made for providing strengthening services by focusing on different themes. It focusses on improving the children’s lives and improving family support and parenting support by universal services like social and health services.

It improves the information through sharing the agencies by integrating the professionals by the responsibility to ensure the protection of the child that kept in different places.

ECM changes the stressing by a professional working with aware of children contribution which made through services and different plans that work with young adults and children. Children need to be happy and safe without facing any danger. ECM maintained the implementation of different policies.

Aims Of Every Child Matters

The major aims for a child whatever circumstances or background have the support that they need to be achieved, stay safe, enjoy, and healthy. Make a positive contribution is also very compulsory for achieving economic well-being.

Every theme has the framework that is attached by different outcomes which require different partnership agency that work together. The agencies in the partnership also include schools, social services, early years, secondary, and primary health services.

Every Children Matter also seeks for changing stress which is important for all professions that work with children who are aware of contribution which could be made by services and plans and also deliver work with young adults and children.

The major objective of Every Child Matters is to ensure pupil that gives a chance that is able to work for referencing the goals in it. The guidance and legislation have been passed which is applied to Wales and England that is maintained by implementing policies and has influential in the rest of the UK.

A similar model of Getting It Right for Every Child is an equivalent approach for Scotland. In 2010, the Coalition Government formation had different movement which is away from terminology and funding for ECM.

In the past, it is argued that families and children received poor services due to the failure of the professional for understanding the roles of each individual and to work effectively together in the multi-disciplinary forms.

Every Child Matters paper has four major areas that were devised in the response to recommendations that are made under-report concerning the death of a girl.

The four areas include support of care and parents and early intervention with effective protection. The areas of integration and accountability and reform the workforce.

Outcomes of Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters represented a framework for improving the outcomes for children and young people. This policy shows the commitment to seeing key outcomes that are achieved which is important for wellbeing children and stay safe and enjoy.

The targets and objectives set with regards to the framework of the services of children. The improvement as the integration of covering early childhood in a school environment with the services of health.

It also prevents from different issues and promote the opportunities and also act effectively in events which arise issues. To engage and develop the dedication of leadership by different levels of systems.

The development of the atmosphere based on shared responsibility by the system and focuses on safeguarding the children for protection from the harm.  The families and young people in assessment processes with facets of planning in encountering it face-to-face.


It uses the methods for utilizing the examination by the combination of the evidence that is based on quantitative research and different research techniques.

The research also represents the systematic inquiry that is characterized by setting the guidelines and principles for different processes and procedures for the evaluation of different terms like reliability, representativeness, and validity.

The analysis and collection also represent the information of the social world for understanding and for explaining the world in a better way.

The preceding procedure has the evidence collection for supporting the research process that requires information for fulfilling the directives.

In the research process, strong design generates evidence base for accomplishing legislation for the historical development of this act which is Every Child Matters that start with reasons to promote the development.


The outcomes represented by contributing to achieving the welfare of economic examination. Be healthy means physically healthy and mental and emotional health. It also means lifestyles that are too healthy and the election that are not partaken by illegal drugs and cares as families to promote it by different healthy choices.

For staying safe the safety for discrimination and bullying and accidental injury along with death.  Make a positive contribution, families and young people are engaged in decision making and also support the communities. The positive contribution makes people engage in the behavior which abides the law in out of the school.

It also develops self-confidence and also develops the enterprising behavior. It helps to achieve economic development in which young people usually engage in training, employment, and higher education.

Economic achievement also ready and prepare for employment. Young adults and children live in the home which is decent in different communities and have access to transport.

All of these set the objectives for fostering the development of young adults and children by adulthood by addressing the tragic situation by the situation of Victoria Climbie. The committees of area protection for children replaced through local safeguards by children boards.

Every Child Matters integrated the strategies which represent different elements by joint assessment of local requirement, which involves the users. The utilization of the singular plan is shared among different service units of children. Reviews of joint areas use for inspection of services by children on a local level.

The delivery service integrated the frontline for improving the user outcomes at a strategic level. The framework of new common assessment reduces the duplication and it also improves the referrals. The aim not to protect children but also enables them to fulfill and improve the lives of children.

Green Paper also built by foundations that aim for eradicating the raising and child poverty of school standards. The success of Green Paper has led to a paper that is transformed in Every Child Matters.

Local Authority

The Act aimed for ensuring Local Authorities that are given by the flexibility of implementing the provision. Every Child Matters Act development results based on the children’s board of local safeguarding. The boards are aimed for coordinating it among the LA’s in the local area for providing the safeguarding to children.

This Act resulted in the formation of the framework of Every Child Matters. The title used for amalgamate all documents which are aimed at delivering and organizing the services which ensured the young adult and child that became society’s active member and most comfortable.

It was protected from harm and have a right to training, recreation, and education. The act also ensures young adults and children by progressing it against the outcomes, practices, and policies that are required to be implemented and developed.

The framework focused on trying it by ensuring the child that provides regardless of circumstances and background and it also enables children for having the issues which affect individuals.

Every Child Matters Policy

There are policies, legislation, and guidelines to ensure the protection of children and it covers different areas for ensuring the multiagency collaboration. The key principles of the framework of Every Children Matter need to have a heart that aspect school including different commitments and involving different activities.

ECM ensures different opportunities for productions and it considers school routines. The living of young people is centered which support children coming to different background for achieving different aspects. Schools should take into account different needs to learn for planning and consider different aspects of promotion.

In the UK, children’s welfare is an important item for the government in making social policy. Every Child Matters produced through the labor government and it influences the ideologies to focus on different inequalities for reporting the Lord Laming.

Its policy usually fits with ideologies labor due to which its mission is to give a chance to every child for fulfilling potential by promoting the opportunities and equality among young adults and children.

The policy welcomed to work with the children and dedicated the work of staff for improving the health and lives of children. The policy required to develop the framework needed to train it for social work.

It is introduced for encompassing the practical experience to improve skills competence and the base of qualified workers. It supports the aims for Every Child Matters which slip by a net. Policies are made by children through children by their relatives that include suffering neglect and abuse.

Children Act (2004)

Children Act (2004) put in place the legislative foundation for enabling policy changes that maximize the opportunities with minimizing the risks for young adults and children through leadership in local authorities.

Children Act advises that children number has remained consistent over 10 years with downward and upward fluctuations. The duty makes Local Authorities for cooperating with bodies to improve children by information through sharing it with different types of cooperation.

It also includes a partnership with local children safeguarding. Development of an integrated framework inspects with the Joint Area that reviews to give an assessment on the progress.

The Children Act sets the duty of local agencies and authorities for cooperating guidance through representing authority for the trust of children. Children Act has key facet with regard to the implementation of trust children by a strategic plan by local services, partners, agencies, and authorities.

It also gives guidance with the role of responsibilities of Children Service to the leader of Children’s services. The Children Act by national framework changes which specify different areas and work to achieve the targets. The Children Act was created to set different goals.

The major goals were to provide help and make boundaries for the local authorities and better legal official intervention for the children. Victoria’s case highlighted the extent by which little cooperation was present between agencies in child protection terms. It was realized that the number of agencies and organizations could play a role in child protection.

Children’s Trusts

Children’s Trust shows framework by services for young adults and children that are brought in different areas that support through Children Act in 2004. Children’s Trust shows active core for supporting families and children with the objective of being delivered to improve the outcomes that are integrated as the responsive services.

The strategy utilizes a methodology to be effective by working processes by using the joint assessment and share the decisions on the priorities and it also identifies the resources and devising the set of the joint plans for deploying preceding.

The Green Paper gives changes in legislation and policy in England for maximizing different opportunities and to minimize the risks for young people and children by focusing the services effectively around the needs of families, children, and young people.

The trusts taking a centered approach and also use an integrated strategy of commissioning, pooled budgets, and joint planning. Its aims are to be sustainable by using shared languages.

Working in the manner usually means that trust needs to be delivered the service which is child-centered and which doesn’t have any restrictions from the professional boundaries and by existing agencies. The cooperation agency usually aims for sustainability for using shared similar and language processes.

Other initiatives, policies, frameworks, and acts have results and linked to Ever Child Matters policy which includes different acts. Local Authority made different changes and policies. It is developed by policy by explaining different risks that are done to be safe.

Local Authority revised the plan which is signed by different organizations that are provided by key services to young adults and children. DFSF departments give guidance to make different plans that form planning documents and for achieving collective ambitions.


The achieved results equate under programs by establishing Every Child Matters department for families, children, and schools that are published in the report of equating the evidence in support of the plan. Most of the children used to be happy for improvement and mortality rates are very high.

The rates of physical activities are improving in the UK due to this act that is launched for children protection. It increases the obesity rates and sexual activity rates also increase. The consumption of alcohol gets increased and rates of smoking also get decreased this year.

The strategy represents outcomes of improvement which has been founded by changing the behavior of working users as the responsive delivery services. The key to the process is to reform the workforce in the term of trained and attitudes staff. Internal development of different skills sets the base of knowledge by utilizing trust elements for sharing the information.

Every Child Matters created to promote the right and give the facilities to every individual especially to young adults and children under the age of 16 to 18. It is examined to give the rights to every child.


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