100 Great Examples of Argumentative Research Topics

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Have you ever been into a discussion about a specific topic? Do you feel that you somehow deviate from your research topic while discussing one? Well, if you have ever been into such a situation where you felt like you are running out of arguments based on facts and relevant information, then this article will help you create more diversified argumentative research topics that will enhance your research skills along with an improvement in your argumentative discussion.

We all go through various arguments in our daily life with our friends and family. But, these are casual arguments which are not written or published anywhere. So, when you need to write about something as an argument in favor of or against a certain topic, then you have to be careful about your choice of words and the information you spread through your research.

Students often encounter such situations where they are given an argumentative research topic or essay by their instructor as a part of class activity or assignment to research on a subject using an argumentative approach. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the knowledge-base of the students and equip them with the necessary argumentative skills that are helpful in developing a mindset to analyze and interpret things based on real-time facts and figures.

So, where the real problem starts? Students are usually provided with a list of research topics to choose from. However, only a few students can be lucky enough to find the topic of their interest. Rest of them are not able to make their interest in research topics that seem irrelevant to them. So, we bring an exciting solution to this problem where you can make your argumentative research topic interesting enough to catch your attention so that you do well in your research assignments.

How to select a good argumentative research topic?

Keep in mind that you are not going to write a good argumentative research paper if your topic does not provoke discussion and grab the attention of the reader. So, start with a topic that seems interesting to your readers and enable discussion. Also, you should not choose a controversial topic which might put you in an opposite direction rather than focusing on a healthy argument to give your valuable research points to the readers. Here is how you can choose a catchy research topic:

  • The subject matter must associate with the readers so that they can take it as their own discussion.
  • You must give strong points to support your subject matter.
  • Your research topic must comply with the ethical and moral domains of an argumentative approach to enthrall the readers.
  • The research topic must sound good to the readers so that they can give a thought to the arguments while reading.
  • The subject matter should also be interesting to you.

Now, if you feel that you feel that you are not able to make an interesting argumentative research topic, then you can check our list of best research topics to save time and select the most relevant topic.

Types of argumentative research topics

Ever wondered about the type of argumentative essay you are going to discuss? Argumentative research topics are defined based on their type. If you are looking for some controversy and political talk in the town then you must choose a controversial argumentative subject that captivates the readers of their political views and keep them engaged for what they think about the said controversy. However, if you are going to talk about sports or some event then you must avoid controversy and focus on making arguments backed by reality. So, based on some amazing types of argumentative research topics, you can choose the one that suits your interests. You can also select a topic from our wide range of argumentative research topics given below in categories.

Best argumentative research topics

So, here we are with some of our best argumentative research topics. You can choose one and also modify it according to your requirements. Also, you can suggest these to your friends to have a discussion and make it easier for you to gather selective data and information related to your topic. Here is the list:

  1. Are public schools better than private schools?
  2. Smartphone help students with learning process.
  3. Is fast food good or bad for human health?
  4. Are undergraduate tests effective for students nowadays?
  5. Does the modern education system prepare the students for real world?
  6. Do our society work on gender equality?
  7. Are hate crimes growing in western societies?
  8. Children should not be given mobile phones.
  9. Double taxation system is necessary to gain economic stability.
  10. Does your past define you?

Argumentative research topics for college

College students often find it difficult to choose an argumentative research topic which they can discuss and explain at length considering their interests. So, if you are a college student looking for some good topics for argumentative research then we have got you covered with our exciting list of research topics for college argumentative research.

Remember, that you should consider the subject domain provided to you by your instructor. You cannot leave that domain or idea for something else. However, you can modify it using our list and make it a best for yourself. Here is the list:

  1. Does college life change you personality?
  2. How essential are college studies in developing a good and educated mindset?
  3. Energy drinks are harmful for human health?
  4. Should schools have sports as a part of extra-curricular activities?
  5. Is it good to make wealthy people pay more in taxes?
  6. Does your past defines a part of your personality?
  7. Girls should be enrolled equally in STEM programs?
  8. Effects of ‘black lives matter’ on racial harmony?
  9. Should parenting be gender-neutral?
  10. A well-known person cannot always be a smart person?
  11. Should guns be banned in the United States?
  12. Are students facing greater pressure in the changing dynamics on present world?
  13. Life is incomplete without faith.
  14. Should video games be counted as sports?
  15. Youngsters on social media do not consider privacy an important aspect of online activities.

Interesting argumentative research topics for college students

College students always come up with something interesting on their part. Whether it is a class activity or a sports event, college students have different ideas to present their knowledge and thinking in a specific way that determines their creativity and information level pertaining to a certain topic. So, make sure that you create some interesting topic for your college argumentative research topic.

Here is a tip: you do not need to push your boundaries into suggesting something to yourself that might look exclusive but hold no ground to reality or turn into a debatable topic that get god marks for your college assignment. So, best is to keep the topic simple and look into discussions that can excite you within normal arguments just like discussing something with your friends and family. Here is a list of interesting argumentative research topic to help you out with your college research activity:

  1. The complexity of US health.
  2. Do you think public health regulators in US should rethink about their new policies?
  3. What is the future of technology?
  4. Free and unmonitored access to internet is spoiling students’ education.
  5. College curriculum must be revised considering the modern aspects of society, human behavior and technology.
  6. Multiculturalism is an opportunity for people belonging to any race and religion to grow personally and professionally.
  7. Why certain US states must ban the use of recreational marijuana?
  8. Do you think that history repeats itself in the wake of certain events that unfold in recent past?
  9. How do you define your goals in a dynamically changing global society?
  10. Is there any relation between mental health and physical activity?

Classical argumentative research topic ideas

Want to reflect on a social issue or interested in a societal debate? We have collected some of the best classical argumentative research topics to sharpen your argumentative skills and learn how to extend a debate within a meaningful and much appreciated form. So, you need to be in touch with classics if you want to write on such topics that trigger the interest of a common man.

What about politics or history? Are you interested in such topics? The classical argumentative topics are about discussions that take precedent from history, society, politics or economy. We are sure that these topics will leave you something that you definitely are going to research for your next argumentative research. Here is the list:

  1. The government should take action against rising animal abuse.
  2. Is electric vehicle the best solution to resolve the increasing environmental pollution?
  3. Are dams worth the cost of mass migrations and an excessive harm to nature and natural habitats?
  4. Why most of the people are of the view that Wilson actually lost the war?
  5. The major contributions of Roosevelt to American prosperity and nation building.
  6. Is the world under threat of rising sea level and melting glaciers?
  7. The causes and consequences of tornado.
  8. How Amazon forests can be saved in the wake of rising capitalism and fewer regards extended to nature?
  9. Are Red Indians the first habitants of American lands?
  10. Globalization: pros and cons.

Controversial argumentative research topics

The controversial argumentative research topics are not really discussed in normal life and people usually avoid taking part in such discussing. In a sense, these topics do not trigger controversy but they are controversial in their subject matter for which most people do not take much interest discussing them. However, from a research perspective, they are highly ranked topics as they are seen from different narrative for which certain issues are being explored.

So, considering the controversial argumentative research topics as one of the type of argumentative topics we could not hold ourselves back to offer you a list of such topics so that you must be aware that these topics are also important to be explore in contemporary research.

  1. Is Third World War inevitable?
  2. Is modern world sliding towards animosity among nations based on a struggle to get maximum resources?
  3. Should private schools reduce their fees?
  4. Guns should be banned in America due to poor gun control laws.
  5. Corruption is rampant yet remains confidential in the West.
  6. The Cold War has done much devastation to the world than to the two super powers.
  7. Top colleges and universities should take up more students every year.
  8. Are global finances managed by a handful people and families?
  9. Should internet be banned in public places for better privacy?
  10. Is corruption a major cause of social disparity?

Technology and social media-related argumentative research topics

  1. Is technology limiting human imagination?
  2. How social media is impacting the youth for their future?
  3. The use of social media is harmful for teenagers.
  4. The modern world heavily relies on technology and internet.
  5. Should the public regulators take actions against the misuse of social media?
  6. Drone technology should not be made public for privacy concerns.
  7. Technology has changed the way human live and interact with each other.
  8. How has social media changed the thinking patterns of modern generations?
  9. Are computer games and alternate to sports or other physical activities?
  10. How is technology impacting human behaviors?
  11. Can virtual relationships stand for long?
  12. Cyber-security issues have marred the online spaced with privacy concerns.
  13. How humans can improve their way of living in a technology-oriented environment?
  14. We are highly relying on technology for everything we used to do on our own.
  15. Social media users must respect the privacy of others in online spaces.

Easy argumentative research topics

  1. Are boys more intelligent than girls?
  2. Parents of school-going children must control their internet usage.
  3. Are human beings a major source of environmental changes?
  4. Is it ethical to relate someone in a public story?
  5. Should youngsters be allowed to take marriage decisions on their own?
  6. Are there any constitutional changes required to extend the scope of existing laws?
  7. Why are there very few laws discouraging the use of tobacco and alcohol?
  8. Do celebrities need negative PR to promote their interests?
  9. How organic food help maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  10. Why you should not sleep late at night?

Miscellaneous argumentative research topics

  1. Failure is the first step towards success.
  2. Do some people have a natural tendency to show some personality traits?
  3. Dieting should not be endorsed for teenagers.
  4. Are elections in US fair?
  5. Should governments consider death penalties for heinous crimes?
  6. Effects of terrorism of foreign policies of nations.
  7. Global economy and the role of globalization and trade unions.
  8. Sports should be mandatory in schools and colleges.
  9. Are socio-political movements important for a social change?
  10. Should parents consider giving more time to their children?
  11. Fast food is a major cause of obesity.
  12. Parents should be friendly with their children.
  13. Education should be free for all.
  14. Smartphones are harmful for children’s health.
  15. Modern education should be based on intellectualism.

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