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Death Penalty

Killing people is wrong in any case, either this killing is made at an individual or personal level or the government does it. This is the most crucial statement being developed by a large number of opponents of capital punishment. But does it seem possible that we can make the criminals realize this fact that killing is wrong, and they will stop killing other people (Koch)?

In my point of view, capital punishment for the killers is the most appropriate step of the government, and the fear of death will be helpful in reducing the murder rate and the crime rate from the country.

Proposition 62 the death penalty in California state

                The capital punishment or death by penalty is a clause developed in the penal code of the county, and the law is developed for punishing the criminals as by putting them to death as a result of their offense. The topic is considered a highly debatable topic in the course of the legal framework and the opponents of the capital punishment consider it highly inhumane or immoral conduct. But by considering the rate of crimes in every country across the world, it can be stated that such a law is necessary, and it would be highly effective in reducing the crime rate from the country.


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The fear of death is greater, and if the criminals are aware of the fact that they would be punished to death for any of their offense, they will get hesitated in conducting such crime or they would avoid doing such offense which will be harmful to others. Moreover, social fear would be developed for the criminals, and they would learn from the examples of others who are punished to death for any of their offense. One of the major benefits of capital punishment is that it protects citizens from an increased rate of crime and violence (Prejean).

            It is usually observed that in most of the cases when the criminals get out of the imprisonment, they repeat their same behavior and create a high level of violence and threat for the citizens. So when these criminals are punished to death, it will provide a high level of security to the citizens and also the other criminals will stop getting engaged in any crime or offense by taking an example from the punishment of other criminals. Also, the capital punishment will be helpful for the government in maintaining a high level of law and order in the country.

            The opponents of the capital punishment have argued that inhumane methods are used for punishing the criminals and these methods create a high level of depression and mental torture for the criminals before they are punished to death. Moreover, it has been argued that there is a fault in them methods of punishing the criminals, which is highly inhumane. It was explained by giving an example of the fact that there are faulty chairs, and a horrific- experience of lingering death on the gallows (Bedau).

By keeping in view the arguments of the opponents, it was stated that a method of injecting the criminals was discovered and the criminals were injected with a poisonous medicine so that there will be less pain and torture in convicting criminals. But later the group of opponents states that a scientific method cannot be used for killing someone because science is for the progress and development or the people and it is not for murdering or killing someone

On the other hand, it can be seen that there are various developments in the criminology science and it has enabled to test the DNA of the criminals to ensure that the deserving person is punished and no innocent is being punished.  A death penalty is considered the worst and most fearful penalty for the criminals. Once a criminal is punished to death, it will create a sense of fear for the other criminals and hence it directly influences the murder rate or any crime rate in the country.

The capital punishment law must be implemented in all the countries across the world because the criminals have new techniques for committing a crime and they are bothering the innocent citizens for no reason. Hence, if capital punishment is implemented in all the countries, the governments of these countries will be able to mitigate the challenge of increased crime and to provide citizens with greater protection and security.

Various researches have been conducted to view the rate of crime before and after the implementation of capital punishment, and the results of the study show that there is a 74 percent decrease in the homicide murders. By keeping in view such facts and figures it can be stated that such a capital punishment law is necessary to be implemented to further reduce this percentage (Tyree). Also, it is strongly argued that the capital punishment should not be replaced by the lifetime imprisonment and the criminals should be punished to death because such practices must have a significant impact on the practices of the criminals and they would feel fear before conducting such crime.

Although lifetime imprisonment is considered to be a good replacement for capital punishment, in most of the cases it is not the viable approach through which the criminals can be punished.  If the criminals are imprisoned for a lifetime, they will not get any lesson rather it will not be a justification for their criminal acts such as homicides and other crimes. Moreover, these criminals violate the rules of the prison and they create a high level of violence in prison. These criminals are a great source of challenge and trouble for the prison management as well as they also create violence when they are captive and these criminals are indulged in the highly offended conducts, as they have no fear of death or any severe punishment.

If these criminals are imprisoned for a specific period of time, there are high chances that they will repeat their behavior and there is a greater intensity of negative behavior in their minds. According to a research study, it can be stated that 2.5 percent of therapists reattempted the same crime as when they are released from prison. Similarly, two percent of the homicides who were released from jail were engaged in the same crime as they have no fear of getting imprisoned again and again.

There is a need for implementation of capital punishment because it has been seen that the murder rate in the United States is increasing significantly than any other country. There is a lack of security and safety for the citizens and every day they are living with a threat of being victimized of homicides. It has also been revealed in the research study that some citizens living in a large city of United States have a more significant threat of being murdered as compared to the soldier of a World War II. The murder rate in the United States has increased up to 122 percent and only in the New2 York City the murder rate increased by 400 percent.

Furthermore, it can be said that the execution of a murderer who is declared a criminal by the court, is not an illegal act and it should not be condemned. It is the responsibility of the state to punish the criminals and to provide protection and safety to the citizens by implementing such laws that are helpful in reducing the crime rate from the county. The crime rate is increasing in the country at a threatening rate, and for reducing such a rate and for controlling the law and order situation in the country, it is important to implement such laws so that the criminals are threatened by the heavy punishments imposed for such crimes.

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The replacement of capital punishment is not viable, and there should not be any substitute for the fact that criminals must be abandoned. Also, the opponents of this law must understand the fact that guilt needs to be punished and they must understand the fact that at this pointing time, it is necessary to set an example so that the crime  rate from the country can be controlled and it can be reduced for providing people with greater level of security and protection.

For concluding the essay and top strongly proposing an argument, it is necessary to understand that the capital punishment laws are the need of the hour and unless such laws are not being implemented in a country it would not be possible for the government to maintain law and order in the country. The capital punishment would have a positive impact on society, and it will provide people with greater safety and security so that they can live peacefully in society. Moreover, capital punishment is necessary and is of crucial importance for the society because capital punishment helps to maintain law and order in society. Also, there are greater chances of increased repeated crimes once the criminals are being released.

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