Coca Cola Happy Machine Campaign Case Study

The coca cola happy machine campaign was started with the concepts of providing the facility of making international calls. This facility is provided to the migrant workers of Dubai who are earning very less amount and they cannot afford making calls to their homes. The happiness machine is started by installing telephone booths and people can make calls by inserting cap of the bottle instead of the coin. This cap of the bottle is equal to fifty-four cents and it has made easy for the migrant workers to make calls to their homes without spending a large amount of money. The aim of this happiness campaign is to provide happiness to the people by providing them with a chance to make calls as in another case it would be difficult for them to do so.

Relevance to the concepts and theories

The happiness campaign of coca cola is directed to the bring happiness to the customers. If we identify this campaign with the concepts and theories, the Freudian theory can be applied to this campaign. Freudian theory is based on Id, superego, and ego. The marketers focus on these three attributes to target their customers.

The Id factor is related to the fulfillment of desires for providing happiness to the customers and coca cola is fulfilling the desires of the customers by providing them the option of making calls to their home so they will be highly happy and satisfied. The Id is satisfied as the customers want to make their calls and coca cola is providing them the facility to fulfill their desire.

Also, the coca cola is adopting the concept that it should help others and this advertising campaign is developed for the purpose of providing help to migrant workers who cannot afford to make calls to their homes.



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