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Introduction Of Biomedical Model Of Health

The biomedical model of health based on biological factors that exclude environmental, social, and psychological effects. It considers being a leading way for health care for a treat and diagnoses the condition in Western countries. Biomedicine from the middle of the 19th century called a major model that is used by health practitioners for detecting different diseases from it.

The biomedical model of health-centred on the functioning of the human body and the healing and stopping of diseases by medical intervention. The model is continuously bedrock by the health care foundation that is based in western societies.

Biomedical Model Of Health Development

The biomedical model has taken by a formal method of health care present the Westside. The biomedical model challenged through scholars in the sociological medical field. In the 1800s and 1900s early, development key in the scientific medicine introduced at that time.

The emergence of germ theory inspired through European researches like Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. It posits all the medial and physical issues that are measurable by healthy functioning.

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The biomedical model has an influence on psychological and medical science that continues for driving the research efforts that are directed at some identified psychological disorders.

The well-known theory in Western medicine based on illness and health that was held through health practitioners which include surgeons, doctors, and consultants. The biomedical model also assumes that health and illness are happened because of major abnormalities in the human body.

The model based on advanced Western practice. This theory approaches that if a body part is wrong, then it has to be replaced or remains fixed in the same way which is repaired by machine. It means that the cause of health illness also applies the simplest cure.

Biomedical Model Of Health And Well-Being

The model of health and illness is not similar to other models which may be a social model based on other factors like social and cultural aspects.

The biomedical model of health is located at the forefront of western medicine and grew it stronger by increasing progress in modern science. It also underpinned the training of medicines by doctors and other experts. The emergence to think scientifically usually asked traditional views that most of them are religious-based on world development.

It also linked to progress and increase in the medical practice and it increases the biomedical model. Historical and social events were essential factors in explaining the development of different diseases.

This model of health scientifically measures illness and health with regards to disease like a human body that is having a breakdown because of the biological reason.

It is also seen as the body for treating and exploring the body from their external considerations and mind (Farre & Rapley, 2017).


The treatment is getting by the patients from the medical professionals by knowledge and it usually takes place in the environment at which medical technology found. Health is a state of mental, social, and physical well-being and it is not disease absence.

Illness is suffered when it experiences the breakdown in a way that feels or thinks. A disease is based on abnormality with the human body as its part of the component is treated and diagnosed by different doctors.

The medicine has remedies that passed down by many different generations and surrounded by religious and superstition with sin spirits (Mazzotta, 2016).

Advantages of Biomedical model

The biomedical model of health usually occurred in the advanced Western societies and looks at the illness of health which is caused by biological factors that include different choices of lifestyle like unhealthy, unpleasant, and smoking diets and less exercise.

It could see as blaming cars that breakdowns on lack of servicing and poor maintenance. Medical practitioners have different training years and the biomedical model also maintains suitable people for dealing with sick bodies.

Different clinical and hospital environments along with medical equipment should be received and given to them. Doctors have the power in this biomedical model and they can treat and maintain them perfectly.

The benefit of this biomedical model consist of patients that have a concern for recovery and treatment and the model shows clear guidance. This model supported through scientific research that is impartial beyond a reasonable doubt.

Healthcare workers and patients emphasis the use of the advance and modern technology of the world. By increasing the evidence, it proves holistic care which is improved by the results of perfect health by using the right direction to get a cure from diseases.

Regulation in bodies of female-controlled through sexual reproduction and with expression capacity which occurred through using the medicine. A healthy body uses to show healthy reproduction with sexuality in lawful marriage.

The interactionist is usually interested in patients and also in doctors to arrange the diagnosis. Every individual has the duty of getting it well with the little empathy.

Disadvantages and criticisms of the biomedical model

Criticisms of the biomedical model are health which usually linked to social and environmental variations. The improvements to hygiene and sanitation, food processing, and water supply conditions.

Medicine is effective and it is ineffective also in some different way which is recovered by patients that is initially and underline the problems that are still present with a lot of problems. A patient that had the liver transplant because of alcohol abuse and due to abusing alcohol should know the medical treatment for it.

The difference among operations that are controlled by different groups in a society. Society profit is important as compared to health care people. The major use of medicine to make other healthy, fit, and continues the work (Pilgrim, 2015).

True and right social and poor health aspects not just confronted through all governments and developed businesses are supposed to allow for making money by different products that are damaging the health of people like tobacco and cigarettes.

The views are made to propose populations suffer from unbalancing the income and the lack of investment in different recourses like hospitals, housing, and schools and it equates for reducing the health outcomes. Feminists usually argue that through breaking with malestream of the orthodox, the medicine can also regain women’s control on the bodies.

Medicine has seen to be positively harmful.  The medical treatment usually grows and artificially requires the created affection socially. It includes the ability for sickness, death, manages, and pain. It also looks at the broader factors that are able to cause the illness in health that is job-related stress, poor housing, and pollution.

Health has seen to be different among individuals and it also depends on society and culture.  Environmental and social factors show different patterns of health. It also shows that people have a lower class that tends to make poor choices of life. It comes from a variety of different reasons and leads back to the financial restraints.

This model also focuses on healing processes that are at a disadvantage to the health promotion and prevention of health that is closer to the populace. The human body usually linked with social atmosphere and this model also neglects the availability of social inequalities among the health of humans.

For the use of effective treatment, people mostly lay for experiencing the illness and health that need to be acknowledged. The doctors also motivate the production rate to the society by defining the health which is potential for work and they disseminated to do the work in a better way.

Societal influences the patients to ignore accusations. The gender biases in the biomedical domain emphasized conflict.

Biomedical Model Of Health Research

Biomedical practice and research related to the US. It was written by issues of women’s health. Biomedical research based on high risk of mortality mostly in men as compared to women.

The cultural explanations because of bad health that blame the individuals due to poor life like drinking and smoking which lead to different health processes which include heart disease, asthma, and cancer. Health improvements were seen across spectrum and mortality rates for working by age men in the widening among different classes.

Illness in societies changes by time and it is improving day by day among young and aged people successfully (Deacon & Mckay, 2015).

Biomedical treatments involve removal that can be bacteria or viruses. The biomedical model also based on a belief that the cure is present and the ideal of illness is episodic and temporary. Model of this health used by individuals and society of different cultures that have essential developments.

An assignment of cash of government is present to fund people’s healthcare. Different resources are introduced for treatment and diagnosis of some diseases and different conditions. The social acceptance of several conditions is referred to as the illness which gives the rewards to social acceptance and medical treatment of the financial advantages and sick role.

Sick role is a very dangerous creation which increases the subculture of sickness through which most people realize their own responsibilities. The concept of this over-socialized for society is realized by people.

Everyone needs to adopt and they should accept the sick role and it would also ignore more solid and role regardless and it also counts the disabled people.

Assumptions of Biomedical Model Of Health

The biomedical model usually relies on several assumptions that include the concept of dualism mind-body among body and mind as accepting which is treated extra. This body also viewed as the machine by the broken part which could be healed or repaired by the expert.

There is the belief that the disease has an origin in knowledge and some specific cause. A sick body can also be examined, repaired, and treated without taking any factors into consideration. A doctor can also hold the detached patient view and it treats the body in an isolation without reasons which contribute to a different condition.

Disease present in the human body usually gets failed in the body by changing the health and get improved body health and make the body strong. It is critical to discuss different models for social health by using the supporting highlighting and theories of limited approaches.

The model relates to lay on illness and health. For analyzing the critical disease models which are social and biomedical, it is important to understand the concept of health and illness. Every model focuses on the different kinds of diseases, proximal causes, biomedical models, and social models on proximal and distal causes.

Social models increased in significance because of the shift of leading causes by society. Models of health used for analyzing the illness that arises for predicting the treatment that might be more effective and implicit to describe it formally. The model also specifies the factors that are important.

The wellbeing of the individual usually includes biological, personality, and social conditions. Wellness and health are important for every individual and in this way they understand by illness by their destroyed body.


The biomedical model is a permanent model of health and all conflicts in its opposition. The social model does not usually take account of a broader consideration. The human body usually focuses to cure rather than prevention.

It also appears healthcare system which could also be reviewed by the way through which it includes work by a holistic approach and include the opinions of patients that are taken in the account given by the recovery that doesn’t need to be in an environment of the hospital.

The biomedical model also based on those beliefs which cure present along with different ideas. Modern biomedicine rests by two developments and remains influential gradually. The evidence also presents to be unable for supporting the specific model.

It also concludes that there is not required to have the arranged model for illness and for the purpose of health like some new approach that is realistic and takes the account by social and medical aspects. Western medicines are common and used all over the world for the cure of different diseases for both men and women.

There are maybe different medicines for men and women but majorly it depends on the disease, not on gender.  The biomedical model based on biological along with physical aspects focused on illness or bad disease.

The model is basically a medical model for the care and it practised through health by consulting different doctors professionally. It is also associated with a cure for diseases, disease treatment, and diseases diagnosis.


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