50 Best Persuasive Speech Essay topics ideas and writing tips

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Many people hold different opinions and views regarding every situation, and coming to an agreement or persuasion is very rare or difficult. This blog aims to provide you with 50 topic suggestions and tips on how to write and deliver persuasive speech essays. Here are the basic steps to not only writing a perfect persuasive essay but also presenting it to the audience:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Create an outline
  3. Identify target audience
  4. Attention grabber
  5. Thesis statement
  6. Presenting an argument and backing it up
  7. Asking questions and counter arguing
  8. Aggressive tone and approach throughout the presentation

→ The number one thing is to select a topic in your mind that you are passionate about and have a good amount of information related to it. Also, select one that most people should be interested in because if you select an unknown topic of no interest, then the audience will not be engaged at all. Then create an outline structure for it.

→ Furthermore, in your outline, you need to identify the target audience to whom you are presenting your essay. It can either be your classmates, a university seminar, a public place, an event, or even your own friends. The main goal here is to identify an appropriate audience.

→ The essay should always contain an attention grabber in the opening to hook the audience. It can either be a quote, joke, or some interesting thought. For example, you can start by asking questions but not revealing the topic, quoting anything from movies or books, cracking a joke to make everyone laugh and feel more engaged to what you are going to say.

→ Always present the thesis statement to let the audience know about your stand or take on a selected topic, whether you are in favor of the topic or against it. For example, let’s consider the topic “Mental health is equally important as physical health.” You have to tell people if you favor this or not through your thesis statement.

Present your argument and opposing argument, then prove the opposing argument wrong by backing it up with research facts, data, examples, and personal experiences. For example, once you have taken a stand on a topic, there is no going back, and you have to present valid and authentic resources in the form of examples, videos, facts, original data, personal experiences, and experiences of other people to back up the authenticity of your stand and statement.

Ask questions from the audience and hook their emotions to the topic in order to persuade them. Also, address counter-arguments based on additional facts and examples. For example, during a question-answer session with the audience, some of them might try to go against you by asking questions, then you simply have to counter those points with additional information and research that you have already done on your topic beforehand.

→ Follow a little aggressive tone and approach while delivering all the above steps because persuasion can never be done in a lenient manner. Sometimes you as a presenter have to go outside your comfort zone and show emotions as a sign of your connection with the topic.

Before you look at the topic ideas provided below, understand that they can be from any of the three categories (Value, Factual, and Policy), which depends on the way you perceive and deliver a certain topic. A category might be different, but the way you deliver it to the audience can change the perspective. For example, instead of giving away your topic title, simply ask a question from the audience to not only know their stand about it but also make them feel more engaged and listen to you carefully. Provided below are some of the best topics that you can select for your persuasive essay speech and impress the audience at first glance.

50 Best Persuasive Speech Essay topics ideas

  1. Competitive sports can teach us a lot about life and reality than just watching it
  2. Social media and news channels are promoting violence in children and adolescents
  3. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise
  4. Video games don’t promote violence in children or adults and contribute positively to mental health
  5. Watching movies connect you more to the story and emotions than reading books
  6. Martial arts is better for mental and physical health than meditation
  7. Spending time with your family is better than spending time in isolation and with negative people
  8. Religious discrimination should be discouraged and banned from every culture to prevent hate
  9. The desktop computer is better than a portable laptop
  10.  Political people should never be supported or given attention
  11.  Do romantic books and movies portray an unrealistic idea of love and lead to heartbreak later?
  12.  Is creating documentaries and films related to criminals giving people an incentive and inspiration to become criminals themselves?
  13.  Would removing tenure and job protection from professors improve or reduce the quality of higher education?
  14.  Extinction is on the rise, and there should be strict penalties to protect endangered species from conserving the ecosystem
  15.  Environmental pollution is rising at a rapid rate which leads to global warming and environmental damage
  16.  Humans are depleting resources, and the only way to avoid it is through the process of using renewable resources more often
  17.  Always follow the passion and dream of your own heart instead of listening to naysayers
  18.  Noise decibel levels are a direct cause of noise pollution and harm the mental and listening health of a person
  19.  Personal experience is more important to deal with life problems than listening to people’s experience only
  20.  Why should we pay more to support large companies and retailers instead of paying more to small businesses or companies?
  21.  Should advance math classes in educational institutes be replaced with more practical courses about real life understanding?
  22.  Athletes and students in sports should be selected on merit instead of references in order to eliminate corruption
  23.  Is sex education the answer to prevent serious crimes like rape, murder and theft than to never discuss about it with youth?
  24.  Community service should be made mandatory to develop a sense of empathy in people of different ages
  25.  Birth control and protection is the only solution to avoid overpopulation and various diseases in human beings
  26.  We can eliminate poverty if the government and people work together and take steps for the entire community
  27.  Parents and friends of gang members should be held responsible for the violence and damages that their children commit
  28.  Family trips are a great way for families to spend time in the outdoors, get to bond with each other and experience nature
  29.  Freedom of speech is something that every country needs to support more strongly to develop a sense of security among different opinion holders
  30.  Cybercrime is on the rise and both the parents and government need to restrict children from participating in it to prevent cyberbullying
  31.  The increase in standardized testing in the world has improved the educational achievements and standards of graduate students
  32.  Eating homemade food is better than eating packaged junk food and beverages for long term improved health and mortality rate
  33.  Investing in sports facilities and encouraging students to participate can highly increase the chances of success in International Olympic events
  34.  Social media plays a big role in creating and increasing employment opportunities
  35.  For productivity to be established, the prisoners need to be given rehabilitation facilities instead of only punishments
  36.  Instagram models and influencers are a negative impact on youth as it creates inferiority complex and unrealistic comparisons
  37.  Coronavirus pandemic will have long term negative health and economic impacts if precautions are not taken by government and the people in any country
  38.  The biggest competition in life is the competition with one’s own self rather than the others
  39.  Humans don’t move on from sorrow, heartbreak and loss of loved ones, they just learn to live with the truth and accept life
  40.  People are invested more into material love and narcissism than the actual feelings and honesty
  41.  Technology is good but the unregulated technological advancements can negatively contribute as a threat to humanity in future
  42.  Healthcare representatives are a threat for patients and people as well and they should be tested for HIV and AIDS on a timely basis too
  43.  Raising awareness about gender inequality is the only way to prevent discrimination and injustice
  44.  Law enforcement has no right to apply DNA testing and profiling in its activities
  45.  Depletion of resources is a major issue and can only be prevented through resource conservation and renewability process
  46.  Computer Science is still one of the most valuable academic subjects in the modern and growing world
  47.  Political interference should not be there in sports as it results in the waste of talent and demotivation for hardworking people
  48.  Driving without seatbelts should be punished more severely as it contributes to death in majority of accidents
  49.  Why has the country become so divided politically and religiously over the past few decades? Is there hope to fix it?
  50.  Many soldiers come back from warfare with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Is there anything we can do to help them overcome this?

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