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The quality which provides the edge to the group people is called the leadership. The leaders guide and inspire the public to figure out various things. The leaders have more good qualities that make him more popular among their group members. Leadership is the quality that we observe in only a handful of people. Let’s  Explore int this Essay how to write how to write a leadership essay about yourself or for MBA.

What is leadership

Leadership defined as the dominant position of any individual in the group that gives him the opportunities to exercise the interpersonal impacts on other group members, for directing efforts and mobilizing them towards their goals. A leader can structure the group of people by taking them together and encourage them. Leaders do much hard work to gain company missions, goals and also maintain the momentum. The leader can emerge himself with his qualities and personality characteristics. The position of leadership in most of the groups sets an irrespective size of the group.

There is an example; the leader that commands nationally and internationally that influence over many people. Impact of the small group leader of any organization is limited and not so vast. Both categories of leaders are right that fulfilling the definition of the leadership.

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Leadership is an important process. Leader position is to regulate, control, change and shape the behavior, performance, and attitude of each group member — the relationship that exists between leader and the other members that are characterized by social interaction and interpersonal. The leader along with his followers expects to play a role in group assessments, and that seek for justifying their positions. Few leaders play their effective roles and get success in willing commitment and cooperation of the followers by the normal duty call.

Qualities of a Leader

If someone is planning for starting a business and he is ready to take the responsibility of the leadership in an organization and want to run their business in a good way by becoming an inspiring role model for others. He should adopt all the leadership qualities is for building a positive influence on other people and take your professional along with personal life in a positive direction. As a leader, he should listen and understand every discussion of their group member and handle every situation peacefully. Leader’s working style should be effective, as compared to the other group working. The leader should do hard work. Determination and passion about the work are compulsory to reach the business to the top level. He should create the two-way communication system with their group members by acting more on and talking less on the work.

The decisions power of the leader should be strong, and he should be confident about his skills. His weakness and strength give a much positive response to his business. Encouraging to other members is the quality of the leaders. He should be organized, reasonable and rational about his work and management. Quality of leaders also includes handling problems and solving issues of group members. If any group member does something wrong, the leader should forgive him and have the ability to forgive him. The game of favoritism is the worst thing in the group. This is the reason why a group member doesn’t like to obey their leader. Clam and flexible attitude of the leader makes the excellent environment of the workplace. A leader should be experienced and have a lot of knowledge about everything they want from their members to do.

Successful Leader

The successful leader can gain more credibility among people. A leader could not form and judge any opinion on his team members. A leader can give some positive or negative feedback on their work to help their group members to grow and learn. The actions of the leader must match according to his words. And he adopts volatile behavior for team members. A leader can acquire all good qualities by his constant effort. Leaders are an inspiration of people, so leaders should act properly for people make them their role model. If the leader of the organization positively uses their skills, he can help any organization and motivate other employees to get success in a very short period. The success is the power of any leader to maintain their leadership.

Importance of Leadership

Some points are there that reflects the importance of leadership.

Motivation source

Leadership is the most motivating sources in the group effort. The leaders that are effective and passionate about their work can motivate their subordinates for higher productivity.

Effective direction

The organization comes having specific objectives. The activities of the organization should be adequate to attain their objectives. The useful directions are based on the leadership. Effective leadership made the organization to gain their goals successfully.

High Morale

Good leadership can increase the morale of the members that turning in a higher contribution to productivity. And the leadership must create confidence among their member by proper advice and guidance.

Developing the team spirit

An effective leadership readily promotes the teamwork and team-spirit which is important for every organization success.

The overcoming resistance

The resistance of the leader must overcome all the followers to change their opposition by explaining to their employees and workers.

Encouraging the initiatives

The forward, democratic and progressive-minded leader encourages their member to follow the right path and bring change in their work and management for exceeding the success.

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Leadership essay conclusion

Leadership plays a significant role in every organization success and helps in achieving the goal. The skill of the leader affects all the system of the organization by their team members. The leader controls the management. The good leader is honest in his work with high self-confidence level with patience. The leader is an inspiration to other people. A leader can install all the right leadership qualities among their subordinates to generate effective and successful leaders for the future. The person is wrong who believes that qualities of leadership can’t be further bifurcated. That confused person should get some knowledge about the leadership. And it is good to adopt a unique style of leadership.

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