Leadership Essay Example for scholarship


Leadership Essay Example for scholarship

The quality which provides the edge to the group people is called the leadership. The leaders guide and inspire the public to figure out various things. The leaders have more good qualities that make him more popular among their group members. Leadership is the quality that we observe in only a handful of people. Let’s  Explore int this Essay how to write how to write a leadership essay about yourself or for MBA.

What is leadership

Leadership defined as the dominant position of any individual in the group that gives him the opportunities to exercise the interpersonal impacts on other group members, for directing efforts and mobilizing them towards their goals. A leader can structure the group of people by taking them together and encourage them. Leaders do much hard work to gain company missions, goals and also maintain the momentum. The leader can emerge himself with his qualities and personality characteristics. The position of leadership in most of the groups sets an irrespective size of the group.

There is an example; the leader that commands nationally and internationally that influence over many people. Impact of the small group leader of any organization is limited and not so vast. Both categories of leaders are right that fulfilling the definition of the leadership.

Leadership is an important process. Leader position is to regulate, control, change and shape the behavior, performance, and attitude of each group member — the relationship that exists between leader and the other members that are characterized by social interaction and interpersonal. The leader along with his followers expects to play a role in group assessments, and that seek for justifying their positions. Few leaders play their effective roles and get success in willing commitment and cooperation of the followers by the normal duty call.


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