Woman Hollering Creek Summary

About Book:

Woman hollering creek is the short storybook published by San Antonio in 1991 and based on the Mexican-American writer named Sandra Cisneros.

Woman hollering creek is a powerful narration of destruction of a woman’s dream that told by her consciousness from different days before ill-fated the marriage to Juan Pedro as she escapes the cheating and bullying behavior for returning towards Mexico.


The action takes place in Texas and Seguin and town of the nasty gossips, despair, and dust where it Cleofilas learns community life as she cherished to move north exists. It also built wives for depending on the husbands for the ride and to stay home. The tales place the focus on the social role and relationship that have women and men in their lives. The majority of characters believe in gender stereotypes.

Men symbolize the machismo as the women depicted as gullible and weak. The book author focuses on feminine clichés. The sinful seductress is a passive virgin and it is a traitorous mother. It also focuses on the different issues faced by women.

Story Of The Book:



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