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Do androids dream of electric sheep is written by Philip K. Dick’s novel. It is the science fiction book and in 1968 it was published.

The novel set in the post-apocalyptic San Francisco and Earth’s life damages by the nuclear world war that leaves animal species extinct.

Novel’s major plot follows, a bounty hunter that tasked with the retiring escaped Nexus-6 androids model. The novel is the masterpiece that served as inspiration for the Blade Runner movie.

It is essential android work of Dick’s and it is one of the best novels on the artificial humans and androids.


Do androids dream of electric sheep? Has real facts and questions with the lines between artificial and real means.

The humans in this novel become inhuman and on the other hand, android becomes the human. Humans also question on their humanity and androids question by artificiality.

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The novel explores robot consciousness by implications. The bounty hunter Rick Deckard plans for killing errant androids to replace the robotic sheep.

In hunting down by slaves pseudo-humans and he eventually falls in love with android and also learns much more about him which means to be inhuman and human.

The androids in the novel created to be slaves of humans. The androids designed as the laborers on the Lunar colonies and humans also left the Earth as it becomes pullulated and not fit for life.

The replicates in the novel created to resemble humans. The confusion is present whether the humanoid is android or real.

The bounty hunters use the Voigt-Kampff test for distinguishing the humans from the replicates. Voigt-Kampff test also consists of different questions that elicit the emotional response.

The replicates not have any capacity for the empathy and unemotional reaction to the questions of Voigt-Kampff that reveal artificiality.

Exploring Humanity:

Humans usually rely on replicates for labor but they also escape colonies and also integrate with the real humans that become enemies to be retired. The replicates are a way by which the author explores humanity in the book.

They also realize which might not be human. Deckard becomes inhuman than replicates and he was remorselessly hunting. The Deckard falls in the love with Rachel replicant in the novel story. Deckard meets the police that turns out as the Nexus-6 renegades in the disguise.

The Deckard also kills android and flies off for killing the next target. The android live in the disguise as the opera singer. They detain and arrest at the police station to recognize the Deckard as the bounty hunter.

Deckard ponders philosophical and ethical and questions that arise regarding android intelligence, human, and empathy. Deckard also reveals the entire station and claim both Phil Resch and station’s bounty hunter as androids. Garland shoot by the Resch in head and also escape the area along with the Deckard.

Electric Sheep:

Rick Deckard’s job is to kill the android that attempt for escaping the servitude on Mars. Deckard lives with his wife and they have the electric sheep and they dream to be afforded as the real animal. He gets the chance when the six Nexus-6 androids tried to escape San Francisco.

The initial android is the masquerading as the Russian police officers that see Deckard by deception and also kills him. San Francisco Opera is the singer and he administrates Voigt-Kampff test as she arrested him. Deckard also has taken a police officer to the station and he doesn’t satisfy the police as they don’t know him.

He also tries to call put but he can’t able to contact anyone to recognize him. Deckard is also able for killing android and its escape from the fake station. Bounty hunters also return to opera and also shoot another android.

John has encountered at the work where he mistakenly picks the sick cat. A cat dies to shop and he finds which cat was real. It horrifies John and also forced the owner of the cat to explain death. Its owner horrified and agreed to have the mechanical cat that built by her husband and loves cats that know differences. She is grateful for the interest of John in her and cruel and means due to disability.

Rick also realizes the plot of android and also kills him and turns attention to the Luba Luft as the android to impersonal the opera singer. Rick finds an officer which arrests him to complete different police forces as compared to Rick.

The forces also know to accuse him of android and Rick also takes the office as he meets to follow the bounty hunter. Rick leaves the scene and also returns towards the apartment by building Iran that meets with bad news which affects the goat.

Young Man’s Vision:

The young woman comes to the apartment and also throw goat to the other side. Rick also realized that it was the Racheal Rosen as he leaves apartment and files towards the northern California that gets his hovercar into the cold landscape.

He also climbs the hill and also realizes that it take the form of the Mercer. He also feels the complete fusion that never felt and realizes to have true empathy. He also returned to the car and delighted for finding the toad and animal to be extinct.

He has visions of money and fame as he receives to find animals. He also returns to the apartment and Iran discovers animals and disappointment to discover the true sense of empathy. Rick also discovers the true sense of empathy and also toad love.

The book ends with Rick that falls asleep and the Iran order supplies to care for toad as if it is real.


The book is blending of humans and artificial. The book explores the robot consciousness and human consciousness and differences and similarities.

It is the fundamental novel on the consequences of the sentient robots that look identical to the humans as it is the major theme of the novel.

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