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The Alchemist tells us about the story of a young shepherd whose name is Santiago. Santiago was able to find a treasure that was beyond his imagination and beyond his dreams. In the same manner, the most significant thing was that Santiago learned to listen to his heart in the best manner and he realized his dreams using his personal legend.

He tells that it is not merely his part but it is the soul of this universe as well. The story tells that Santiago is a simple and humble person with no big dreams or desires in his life.

Santiago’s Dream:

The only wish of Santiago is that he wants to roam freely with his sheep. In the same manner, he carries a wineskin and he wants that he always have some wine in his wineskin. Moreover, Santiago has a bag and he wants that his bag has a book of his choice so that he can read it while grazing his sheep.

His life was simple but fate intervenes in his life when he had a dream of a great treasure hidden at the base of the Egyptian Pyramids that were thousands of miles away from Santiago. Santiago met with Melchizedek who was a strange but wise man and he claimed that he was a king of a far-off land. In the same manner, he told Santiago that he is willing to seek his treasure.

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The moment was a life-changing moment for Santiago and he sold all his sheep the very next day to pursue his dream of extracting treasures at the base of the Egyptian Pyramids. Therefore, Santiago decided to travel to Africa for pursuing his dream with Melchizedek.

About Africa:

Santiago reached Africa and he realized that things were not easier as he thought to be in his dream. The first day of Santiago in Africa was a disaster for him as he was in Tangier. Santiago was robbed and he was left with nothing. The robbers took all his money and luggage and he was left alone.

There was no one to help him and he did not know about African languages.Simply, it is good to say that Santiago was unable to speak and understand a single word of Arabic. Therefore, Santiago decided that he must give up his dream here and he should return to his country after this incident in the first place.

However, the words of that wise man came across his mind and Santiago decided that he would not give up chasing his dream no matter what is costs. Therefore, he decided to start a job at a local crystal shop for supporting his monetary and food needs.

Decided To Take High Risk:

Santiago worked at this local crystal shop for one year and it was a good experience for him as it helped him understand valuable things about his personal legend and about other aspects of his life. At that time, Santiago had enough money that he could easily return to his country and he was in a position to buy a new flock of sheep. However, his mind changed at the last minute and he decided to pursue his dream.

Therefore, he joined a caravan that was going to Egypt and he decided to risk all his money again. Santiago met an Englishman in the caravan once who came from Africa with a primary aim to seek a renowned alchemist. The caravan had to travel through the desert and the Englishman told Santiago about various secrets of alchemy.

Santiago found that most of the ideas of that Englishman were identical to those of Melchizedek. The primary reason behind this context was that both Melchizedek and the Englishman talked about the soul of the world to which we are connected. In the same manner, both talked about the importance of listening to our hearts and to follow the true desires or wishes of our hearts.

They termed is as our personal legend. Therefore, Santiago decided to learn about these secrets of the world by observing the world. However, the Englishman decided or preferred to learn these secrets of the world through complicated books. Santiago and the Englishman kept on traveling together when they heard rumors regarding a coming tribal war.

Discovered Love:

Santiago met a beautiful girl named Fatima when the caravan reached the Al-Fayoum oasis that was the home of the titular Alchemist. Santiago fall in love with Fatima immediately. Santiago discovered that love was like a personal legend and it comes from the soul of this world.

However, Santiago was constantly imagining the upcoming tribal war while traveling through the desert. Santiago rushed back to the elder at the oasis and told them about the war and told that his vision was confirmed. Therefore, they gave him the position of counselor. He decided to stay with Fatima at that oasis. However, Alchemist found Santiago and he told him that he would take him to the treasure of his dream.


Alchemist told Santiago to listen to his heart. A warring tribe took Santiago and Alchemist as prisoners to the pyramids. Alchemist told tribesmen that Santiago was a strong magician who could turn himself into a strong wind. The tribesmen told them that they were highly impressed by this ability of Santiago and they would spare them both if they could do it.

Santiago was unsure about it and decided to use his knowledge regarding the soul of the world to help himself. He first asked desert, then wind then the sun and then the soul of the world in this regard. The wind whips up immediately and Santiago disappeared and appeared on the other side of the camp.

Everything happened according to dream of Santiago in this story and Santiago was found digging a hole at the base of the tree that he looked in his first dream at the Egyptian Pyramids. He found a trunk full of gold upon digging that was fair enough for him and Fatima to live their lives happily. Simply, the essence of this story is the soul of the world.

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