Tesla Motors Case Study Solution

Tesla Motors Case Study Strategic Management

Tesla is an American automotive company that makes electric cars with zero-emission. It is the best replacement for gasoline sports cars that have high torque and speed. The roadster is the best car for Tesla in this regard. Likewise, Tesla S is the most common model in America. The company has a simple business strategy; it entered the high end of the market but differently in which customers pay to develop low-cost family car unless other car manufacturers (Clifford, 2019).

 Tesla Motors Case study Questions Answer#1:

The company produces electric cars that are speedy and environment friendly. The cars use Lithium-Ion batteries, and the torque is equal to Lamborghini, but the emission is zero. It means that t=0. The roadster is the sports car of the company that goes from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds with negligible noise. S model of Tesla is termed as “The Most Loved Vehicle in America.” The cars have only a few moveable parts, and there is no traction control and other such units. However, the handling of cars is world-class, and it is the reason that it is giving a tough time to the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S class (Patrick, 2013).

Corporate Level Strategy Statement of Tesla Motors

The primary goal or objective of the company is to support the ecosystem and to overcome the issue of global warming through the development of electric cars that have negligible emissions. The company aims to manufacture high-end vehicles equivalent to high-end gasoline sports cars, but Tesla cars have a low price and high quality. The company aims to position itself in the global car market through its innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing. The vision of the firm is sustainability, and it is using this vision with great expertise to build high-end sports cars along with sedans (Perkins, 2018).



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