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Description of the Company

Tesla, Inc. is a technology-based automotive and energy company. It was established in 2003 by a group of engineers with a vision to promote electric vehicles and modern solutions of energy, transportation, and utilization of technology. Tesla specializes in automotive with a range of electric cars and trucks under its hood. Besides, the company also manufactures energy products such as solar panels (, 2019). Tesla is recognized as a rapidly growing company with a huge influence on technology, energy, and automotive industries across the world. A large number of products and services offered by Tesla requires huge business processes and operations.

Accordingly, the company has maintained a strong position and presence in different countries across the world. However, the origin of Tesla lies in America with its headquarter, California. The vision and mission statement of Tesla reflects its growth initiatives and sustainable approaches towards business. The mission statement of the company defines its goal to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The major focus of the company is to provide sustainable energy production rescores which provide clean energy by applying sustainable approaches (Eisenstein, 2016). The business model of tesla also reflects its mission statement because this model contains the implementation strategies of the company.

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On the other hand, the company aims at maximizing sustainable approaches to energy utilization. For this purpose, tesla has introduced electric cars, trucks, solar panels, and giant batteries. The company aims at achieving its goals and objectives by taking several initiatives and assuring the implementation of projects which are feasible and related to sustainability (McMahon, 2018). Accordingly, the approaches to project management are highly recognized in Tesla. The latest projects in Tesla are also aimed at maximizing the company’s capacities to achieve its goals. The projects related to energy and automotive are taken up in the company to facilitate company’s progress.

Project Description

Tesla has introduced several projects which are based on its mission to provide sustainable energy solutions to the world. The latest project of the company is to introduce a fully optimized electric truck with a capacity that equals the diesel truck. This project is one of the leading projects of the company that will revolutionize the transportation industry. The contemporary business environment and commercial activities across the world require sustainable solutions to transportation. Accordingly, this project can reduce fuel costs without affecting the environment. Tesla is eying on the accomplishment of its major goals within some time so that the company could set new targets for providing more innovative ways of improving energy resources and requirements (Hardy, 2017).

Accordingly, this project also carries great importance, considering the long-term goals and objectives of the company. The project management teams in the company have vast experiences and knowledge about this project because Tesla had already launched a semi-truck a few months ago (, 2019). Therefore, working on this technology is not a big deal for project managers. However, they need a plan which contains the strategic implementation of this project. Therefore, the project kickoff meeting is necessary to devise a strategy that helps project managers in understanding the technicalities of this project.

Stakeholders attending the project kickoff meeting

The major stakeholders of tesla’s new project include:

  1. Zachary J, Kirkhorn

Kirkhorn is Tesla’s chief financial officer and one of the most important persons who will attend the project kickoff meeting. He has sound knowledge about the financial feasibility of projects. Besides, he is also well-equipped with financial skills. I will communicate with him in a one-to-one communication because his knowledge is helpful in analyzing the financial feasibility of the project (Dana Hull, 2018).

  1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is Tesla’s chief executive officer. He has a huge technical understanding of technology projects. His knowledge related to technology and energy is matchless. I will directly communicate with him so that he help me in making a strategy for the implementation of a new project (Dana Hull, 2018).

  1. JB Straubel

Strauble is Tesla’s chief technical officer, and he has a diverse knowledge of several technical domains and projects. Accordingly, his knowledge is helpful in technical assistance. Straunbel has the ability and skill to define the technical feasibility of this project. Besides, he also understand the technology which is being used for this project. Thus, my direct meeting with him is very important to understand the technicalities of our new project (Dana Hull, 2018).

  1. James Chanos

James Chanos is an investor holding a large number of shares in Tesla, Inc. Chanos is a well-known American investment manager. He holds large number of shares in several big companies in the US. Accordingly, his knowledge related to investment and risk management is precious for Tesla’s new project. I will hold a one-to-one communication with Chanos to know more about the feasibility and right investment choices of our new project (Dana Hull, 2018).

  1. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is an American businessman and entrepreneur. Currently, he owns several big companies in the US with huge investments in many other businesses. Larry has a diversified and vast knowledge of investment. His track record as an investor has proved that he takes wise decisions when it comes to investment and managing a diversified business portfolio. Accordingly, his knowledge is vital for Tesla’s new project. Thus, I will directly communicate with Larry during the project kickoff meeting. His knowledge is an essential part of our investment strategy. Therefore, I need to communicate with him to get knowledge about the diversification of our project portfolio (Dana Hull, 2018).


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