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The primary theme of the story is the arrival of aliens on the earth thirty years back. The author states that they came to the earth not to conquer it. Neither they came on the earth to seek help or to help humans. Instead, they came on the earth to find refuge as their planet is dying.

However, they are not mixed with humans, and they are separated from humans and placed in the South African area termed as district 9. The story states that the Multi-National United is taking care of aliens, and it has no concern with them or with their welfare (Moses, 2010).

The primary aim of this organization to master its innovative and advanced technology, and the organization is willing to do anything that can help it crack its goals or targets in this regard. The company sends an agent in this regard, and the name of an agent is Sharlto Copley.

He contracts a mysterious virus that started changing his DNA. Therefore, the organization suggested that there is only one place on the planet that can hide him, and that is district 9. Blomkamp has announced that a sequel of district 9 is on its way, but he has not announced the date of its release yet.

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However, a simple answer for those who are waiting for the sequel of district 9 is that yes, its sequel is coming, and it would be district 10 (Walder, 2014).

Story Of  District 9 Sequel

The major theme of the movie is that it shows a sci-fi spectacle along with a giant spaceship. The giant spaceship is stranded, and it has extraterrestrials along with plenty of technology used by aliens. However, it is important to keep it in mind that the story is an allegory about segregation.

The film shows that there is a special fluid that is actually a fuel that most of the technologies they have used for filling it. For instance, it is used in their weapons and ships (Moses, 2010). Moreover, the author states that this fuel can power everything that they use in their everyday life for empowering their technology on their planet.

The movie shows that aliens in this film are refugees on the earth and a special name is given to them as ‘Prawns’ it is a nickname given to them, and the major reason for giving this name is that their physical appearance is similar or identical to a giant that has two-legged shrimp.

They are present at a make-shift ghetto, and this a make-shift ghetto is termed as district 9 in the movie (Walder, 2014). They are stranded on their a make-shift ghetto, and they are not allowed to go back or to escape from that region and the major reason behind this fact is that humans are busy in mastering their technology and they are not able to crack a way to understand how they use their technology and how they use their highly advanced weapons.

They would be allowed to leave the planet when they are able to use their innovative and highly advanced technology in the best manner. The primary genre for the district nine films is horror, thriller, and action (Walder, 2014).

The film is a fictitious film, and the director of the movie is highly inspired by the historical events in the apartheid era. The essence of this film is that power is everything, and humans are hungry for power. They can bound aliens as well for taking their advanced and highly innovative weaponry technology.

The most important thing in this regard is that the apartheid era highlights the way in which whited evacuated are near Cape Town in South Africa to settle in this area, and they settled 60,000 people in this area by evacuating blacks from this region.

They used highly advanced and innovative weaponry technology at that time to evacuate this area (Moses, 2010). The most significant thing about this movie that many people think that the movie is based on fake events, but it is surprising for them that the movie is based on real events, and it is a mock documentary.

End Of District 9 Sequel

The primary theme of the film is that it highlights the relocation of aliens who are stranded in Johannesburg, South Africa, for years, and now they are living in refugee camps.

The movie shows that Prawn Wikus is fighting throughout this film, and his fight is never-ending, and it is the major reason that he was successful in escaping the planet at the end of the movie (Walder, 2014). It means that he was trying to escape from the refugee camp and leave the planet.

He planned and tried it many times, but he was unable to escape. However, he managed to escape from the planet at the end of the movie (Moses, 2010). Prawn Wikus helped Christopher in repairing his command module as well, and it eventually started working at the end.

Sacrifice and consistency of Prawn Wikus is the most significant thing in this context that enabled Christopher to fly and activate his mothership along with his son.

Wikus was a normal human being, and he was sent to district 9 to study advanced technology of prawns, but he contracts a fluid that he believes was used to power their everyday technology (Walder, 2014). The fluid changed the DNA of Wikus, and he was turned into a prawn due to genetic transformations in his body.

Therefore, he was sent to district nine as it was the only place for him and his son to hide. To conclude, I would say that the movie is the best sci-fi movie as it explains a fiction regarding aliens and their lifestyle.

In the same manner, it is highlighting the powers of humans to control them and to understand their advanced and innovative technology. In simple words, it is an interesting creation for those who have an interest in the sequel of district nine and who have an interest in such movies.


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