Analysis of Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein Book | Book Summary

The idea of identity is explained by many intellectuals and scholars in many articles and books as well. In this regard, the book named “Frankenstein” written by Mary Shelley is one of the famous books that significantly deals with the ill nature of a doctor. In reality, the author of the book has talked about the changing conditions of human life over which people tend to transform their perceptions and beliefs about the world, as a result of influence of changing conditions of life. Therefore, this paper will analyze the text of Frankenstein in literary and story-based sense, while offering a response towards the overall point of view of the text, as major part of this paper.

First of all, the text shows the use of metaphor linked with the character of Frankenstein. For instance, the extreme interest of Victor in science shows the fact that Victor is a person who is capable to perform different scientific experiments. However, in reality, he used his scientific knowledge as a way to show ill-nature of his personality. Secondly, the use of the metaphor is also evident in the text such as the use of the idea of monster is used like a metaphor to show the overall nature of the life of victor. Finally, the literary tool of metaphor is also used within the text, linked with the constant changes that occurred within the weather conditions, behind the narration of the story. (Damron pp,2-4)

At the stormy night, he completes his own made creation. He horrified by that when he brought to life. He gets scared and has nightmares about Elizabeth. That night he spends in his courtyard. And the very next day he rushed to Ingolstadt and avoided to return to that haunted apartment. He comes across Henry Clerval which is his friend, and both return back to that apartment but Victor don’t find any sign of monster in his apartment. Henry was his friend but he gives the letter to Victors by Elizabeth. Letters expressed Elizabeth concern to Victor’s illness and asked him to write a letter to the family. She tells that Justin Moritz is a girl who lives with Frankenstein family and she returned to the house on her mother’s death. Victor tells this to Henry. His decides to go back to Geneva. He along with Henry take a tour and enjoy the beauties of nature. (Celina pp59-61)



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