Same Sex Marriage Essay

Same Sex Marriage Essay Introduction

Same-sex marriage is the practice of marriage between people of same-sex. The particulars of same-sex marriage include a legal and social agreement of marriage but only in countries where laws of this social and legal contracts are legalized and made a part of marriage acts, social laws or constitutional amendments.

Some historians refer to this practice as old as the first century. However, the movement to provide legal cover for this practice gained momentum at the beginning of the 21st century. Accordingly, same-sex marriage has been granted the status of a social and legal agreement between two people in many countries across the world (Kowal, 2015).

Soon, after the movement to grant a legal cover to this practice was started, the scholars and historians argued its long-term effects and consequences on society, culture, politics, and religion.

Same-sex marriage is an unnatural phenomenon with severe mental and physical implications. Besides, the practice of having sex with same-gender has negative impacts on culture, society, and religious values.

Same Sex Marriage Facts

Same-sex marriage is a term most commonly used in developed countries that have already dealt with the plight of a rise in marriage equality movements and the introduction of sodomy laws. Accordingly, several American and European countries have granted the right to same-sex marriage to their people.

The decision to legalize the practice did not come, particularly in the wake of marriage equality. Besides, it also included the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights.

Thus, the term ‘LGBT’ served as an umbrella for all disgruntled communities that wanted to live their lives with liberty in their decisions to marry and make relationships (Kowal, 2015). However, the case of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are different from transgender.

Despite huge differences in natural and physical attributes, the LGBT movement engulfed the European countries and the United States with a strong provocation to grant them the legal rights to marriage. Accordingly, almost 29 countries in the world have legalized gay and lesbian marriages.



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