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Writing is an important part of the individual’s journey in students’ life, and students need to write different types of assignments and projects to submit for the purpose meet the course requirements. Plagiarism is an act of copying something from the work of other people or already existing work without referencing him or giving credit to him; even some companies or universities allow a certain amount of plagiarism. Manually checking plagiarism is taking a lot of time, especially when you need to check the plagiarism of every article that is submitted on a particular website or platform. There are multiple tools that have been used to check the plagiarism and every tool have their own characteristics, and it considers copying the words of another person and presenting the work on your own name as far as the dictionary definition of plagiarism is concerned. It is not considered a major crime, but it is a violation of the copying rights, and it is the main concern for some educational institutions and company’s relating to publishing.

The importance of plagiarism checkers tools has been increased with every passing day, and the demand for plagiarism checkers software is also increasing. In the below section, we present the 15 best plagiarism checkers for students, and these 15 best plagiarism checkers are as follows.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is largely used to check the plagiarism for students, and in most cases, it provides free services to check the level of copying work in many educational institutions. It has a huge database of more than 16 billion web pages in the form of databases in terms of academics that are useful for checking plagiarism. There are multiple characteristics of Grammarly that make it the best tool for plagiarism checking, such as it provides the opportunities to check the plagiarism only for one click and it is normally called a one-click plagiarism checker as well as through this, and there are unlimited words that can be checked and it was also providing the some paid services such as proofreading, improving vocabulary along with editing .

  1. Plagiarism Checker X

It is one of the best plagiarism checkers that are available in the market, and it also providing the facility to removing the copy work because after detecting the plagiarism, it also helps the students to remove it. It helps the students to find the level of plagiarism in their contents after scanning the documents in the form of assignments, articles, and thesis. This software has a huge number of users around the world because it was providing the best services at a very lower level of cost. The main features of this software are that it helps the students to scan the documents, and it identifies the number of contents that is copying from the other people work. It can understand or support the seven languages in the form of Portuguese, Spanish, and French, along with German and English.

  1. Plagiarism Detector

The Plagiarism detector is a free providing services platform to students for checking the plagiarism of their work with great accuracy because it correctly detects the copyrighted material along with contents from assignments as well as documents. It was providing free services up to 1000 words, but if you want to check the plagiarism more than 1000 words, then you can use the pro version of the Plagiarism detector. There are multiple benefits of this software, such as you can check plagiarism through this by using the URL code and grammatical error in just one click.

  1. Scribbr

It is one of the best choices for students to check plagiarism because it is one of the best plagiarism checkers that are available in the market right now. It is one of the most frequently using software to check plagiarism, especially from the side of the students in 2021. It is an accurate decision to check the plagiarism from any type of document, and it also helps to detect any type of plagiarism from any document. It is very useful for the students who want to publish the manuscript but have no time to examine it. It has a huge database that consists of books and journals, and it provides the students are complete or comprehensive plagiarism reports.

  1. PlagScan

PlagScan is one of the leading and most frequently used plagiarism detectors for students, and it is performing well since 2009. It has few different features than the other plagiarism detector, such as you can copy and paste along with you can upload a complete file to find the level of plagiarism in your work. It has some different types for different users such as it have a lite version for students that can be used free and its professional version are also available for the multiple organization that can be used to handle the copyright problems. The paid form includes plagiarism checks, checking through URL customer support, along the full report.

  1. Plagramme

It is a real-time plagiarism checking software, and it detects multiple types of plagiarism such as invalid sources, auto, and copy and paste plagiarism. Through this software, you can find the similarity sore after the report has been generated, and it also provides opportunities to students to check the plagiarism without any word limit because it provides free services for students without a word limit. It also provides advanced services to its clients to the convenience of dissertation authors and research paper authors.

  1. Quetext

It is advanced software because of its features as far as the plagiarism checker software is concerned, and it also provides free services for the students but with a word limit. It provides free services only for 2500 words, and if students want to check the plagiarism more than 2500 words, then you should use the advanced and paid version of this software where you can buy it with monthly payment. It does not store your file and database that indicates that it provides complete data security to your file.

  1. Unicheck

Unicheck is a well-known plagiarism checker worldwide because it provides services in more than 90 countries, and its users are more than one million around the world. It is used to check more than 120 million files around the world, and it required very little time to provides the similarity report to students because it provides free services for the students file and it is used to check the plagiarism more than 120 million files in the process, and it is one of the best options just not only for the universities but also for the businesses and the individuals. Students through this tool can detect plagiarism-free if the file size is 2500 words, and if the file size is more than 2500 words, then students must pay the price to take advantage of the premium version.

  1. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is used to check the plagiarism of student’s files for free of cost because this software also has a lite version that helps the students to take advantage of free services to check the plagiarism without pay any amount. It is very used to easy and also very fast to providing the results of complete plagiarism details because its report are consists of comprehensive details. There are several benefits that are associated with this platform, such as it can be used to check the plagiarism of 50 files per day, and students can check through this by using the copy and paste method, and it is totally free for students.

  1. Ginger

Ginger also providing multiple services along with plagiarism checking because if students use Ginger for plagiarism checking, then they can take advantage of the software features of automatic correcting the spelling; it helps to correct the mistakes related to grammar and also identified the misused words. It is used Natural language processing technology for the purpose of understanding the intention and text. It is the paid software not only for students but also for other users such as businesses and organizations. It is available for a single user in Rs 7048 and available for ten users in 54983 annually.

  1. PlagScan

It is the latest developed software for students and other organizations and businesses to check plagiarism, and it is normally used to check plagiarism more than one million documents every year. It develops on an advanced basis, and it is useful for single users and the main benefit associated with this is that it is very effective and efficient as far as the time requirement is concerned. It also supports several languages, and it can use to scan the different web pages by using the URL. It also has a pro version, and the students can buy it to enjoy the premium features of the software.

  1. Plagiarisma

This software is providing free services to check plagiarism, and it is used to check the plagiarism-free 2500 words file. It is also used to detect the copied content in the student’s essays, their assignments as well as their thesis. It is an independent platform, and students can use it through the window and the android phone and also supports multiple platforms such as Google, yahoo, and Scholar. It is a Multilanguage platform and can understand more than 190 languages, and the major benefit associated with this it can be used offline in the window. Students can purchase its premium services in the amount of just five dollars for one month.

  1. CopyLeaks

This software is excellent software that is used to find the level of copy content in a document, and through this, you can scan the contents of the entire website. The interface of the software allows the students to check the plagiarism of their files fast and easily. Like many other plagiarism checkers, it also supports multiple languages, and its free services are limited, and one student can check the plagiarism of ten pages per month, and they can check the 250 words per page. Along with detecting the similarities in the files, it is also used to remove plagiarism with the help of comparing the copied content simultaneously.

  1. Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

This software is the largest collection of the contents, not only academics but also all the forms of content, and it helps to find the possibility of misconduct in terms of academic and duplicity of the contents. It is used by professionals related to academics because it is very important for academic excellence. Furthermore, its feedback and the comprehensive report are also used to empower the students and help them to take the new content task with full of confidence. There are multiple benefits that are associated with Turnitin, but some important is it presents the duplicity results in a simple format, also helps in spelling checking along with providing the similarity score.

  1. UrKund Plagiarism Checker

Urkund is an anti-plagiarism checker that is used to check plagiarism, and it also helps to prevent and detect plagiarism across multiple languages. When students submit their files online to deducted the plagiarism through Urkund, it starts to detecting and finding all the possible sources and provides a complete overview of the analysis. It is used to find the degree of similarities and paraphrasing in different languages because it supports multiple languages. Under this platform, there is complete data security because it helps the students to build and create a secure database. It is effective and efficient just not only in terms of cost but also in terms of time.


Plagiarism is unethical conduct, and it is very important for the authors to know the plagiarism in their files before unloading and submitting it on any platform. There is multiple software available for detecting plagiarism, but we present the 15 best plagiarism checkers for students. The software is important as far as plagiarism detection is concerned because it is almost impossible to check the similarities manually, and you should use a plagiarism detection tool because it is very important for the students, teachers, and writers as well as for businesses. All these plagiarism detection software is essential because everyone wants authentic and original content for the project, and these tools help to identify that these contents are authentic or not. The above mention tools or software have both versions free, and premium and almost all the platforms provide free services up to a limited amount of words.

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