Essay: The Children Act 2004 Analysis

Summary of The Children Act 2004

The Children Act 2004 is the Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom. It was introduced in 1989. In 2000 after the death of the 8-year-old Climbie, this act was created.

Lord Laming asked the Government for the investigation to reveal if new guidance and regulation were required for developing the security of the child system is present in England. This is Act whose purpose is to address the concerns about children’s protection.

The motivation to establish this Act relates to young children cases in which the majority of them involve abuse against those children. Many people also felt that provisions of the 1989 act were failed, which involved children’s protection.

Children’s Protection

This Act created a Commissioner of children by putting it in the place of services given for and to young children along with other youth through the local authorities. The purpose of the Children Act 2004 was to make on past legislation in 1989 and possibilities because of the effective protection of the child.

The murder of Victoria Climbie was too young and was abused by guardians in London. Media and the public highlighted that case. The act provides effective and better protection in establishing the Every Child Matters program.

Every Child Matters launched in 2003 and purpose is to ensure that children, regardless of social or financial background, can achieve the full potential of life. The Children Act put a legal framework that gives great efficiency in organizations that are charged with young children protection (Reid, 2010).

This Act is based on the interests of young children that are paramount for considerations of security and welfare of children pf young age is very important. Children Act gives legislative spine to a wider strategy to improve the lives of children.



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