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The Swot analysis boing how the Boeing Company was established in the US and gradually became the world-class aerospace company. The SWOT analysis of the company is done to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Boeing Company.










  • Dominant producer of aircraft
  • Strong focus on R & D
  •  Product Diversification
  •  Strong reputation in good services
  •  Reliability

  •   Inability to grasp the competition
  •   Week marketing strategy
  •   Focus on price competition








  •   New breakthroughs in computer and electronic
  •   Growing demand for commercial airplanes
  •   Increased US appetite for spending on defense

  •   Intense competition
  •   Reduction in market share
  •  Expensive services than competitors
  •  Less Govt. support in terms of subsidies




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The company is a dominant producer of the aircraft with 50% of the world’s market share for commercial aircraft. The company has remained at the top, in worldwide sales for many years that speaks of the company’s strong management and financial footings.

Another strength is the company’s vision to be a pioneer in adapting and introducing any new development and technology advancements in the aircraft industry. This vision enables us to infer that a company has a strong focus on R & D that enabled the company to enjoy the leadership position in its respective field. Another important strength of the company is the broader product line. The company not only manufactures commercial aircraft but also manufacture aerospace and defense aircraft.

The company has a strong reputation for being the first class quality provider in its services. The company also enjoys its reputation for reliability of its products in the eye of its customers.


The weaknesses of the company are the inability to early grasp the competition in the industry. Boeing Company could have mitigated the subsidies available to the Airbus, by providing much-improved services and development of brand loyalty. However, the management remains inactive in its marketing strategy and kept their entire focus on price competition.


New breakthroughs in computer and electronics are great opportunities for the company to provide better customer services. Further, there is a growing demand for commercial airplanes that are a great opportunity for the company to improve its market share. Further, US appetite for spending on defense has increased manifold. This trend also favors company to grasp their local market.


The major threat faced by the company is intense competition given by the Airbus that is being supported by four European countries. Due to the availability of subsidies; Airbus is gradually capturing the market share of the Boeing company. Hence, US regulations of free trade are a disadvantage for the company and have initiated a debate that the US should review its policy to save the civil aviation from problems.


Boeing must lower its cost structure through increased productivity. The company should focus on improved quality by Total Quality Management. This will enable them to remain competitive. Through the expansion of the market, it can increase its sale and capture more market share. As the demand for aircraft is increasing worldwide so it would be a great opportunity for Boeing to expand its market. The competition of Boeing and Airbus is cut-throat so Boeing has to be alert. The company should offer something different to counter-attack the discount offered by Airbus.

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