Reflective Essay- “Born Criminal” in Modern Times

Reflective Essay

“Born Criminal” in modern Times

In “The Criminal Mind”, a very unique fact is laid down about violence and criminal psychology in front of the people. It has been said that three aspects are the basic foundations of crime in present times usually. The physical indications like a large jaw and a sloping forehead, in short, the size and shape of the head of the human were considered the first indications of the criminal mind. Another thing highlighted is the inherited aspect which is transmitted by the parents to the children resulting in more than 13% of the criminal offsprings. So as the case showed that twins are also witnessed criminals if anyone is indulged in illegal activities in the early stages. Poor nutrition, drinking or smoking by mother, lead in the air, etc. are some other environmental factors that also are the triggers of crime in human beings creating a link between crime to several other aspects of life minimizing the punishment of criminals (Raine, 2013). The idea is derived from Caesar Lombroso’s born criminal theory presented in the “biological and psychological positivism” which also stated back to 19th and 20 century that the physical, environmental and genetic factors are the key aspects of criminology and Lombroso presented his theory of “born criminal” on basis of these three features (White et al., 2012).


The individuals who witness sexual or physical abuse since their childhood, who faced fights and arguments between their parents at that phase of their lives when they were supposed to be playing with their toys, who saw their parents doing illegal things since they got their senses can never have the wisdom to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. These children are not told the difference between the crime and good deeds with due consideration, making them aggressive and sometimes reluctant because of their disturbing past. Such a situation often leads to psychological disorders, creating criminals around us. Furthermore, the very nature of the parents is transmitted to their next-generation acting as the biological and genetic factors of crime in society. People mentally disturbed, having inherited criminal virus in them because of their family and lacking the ability to decide the right thing should not be regarded as the culprits for the whole incident and hence should be treated first medically and psychologically by the experts (White et al., 2012).

The biological causes of crime should be treated by enforcing the law of drug therapy upon the people suffering from the respective issue. Using the drug therapy and implementing it to the whole system by the authorities for the people who have no control over their criminal thrust, which might be mainly because of the genetics inherited to him/her. People suffering from the psychological issues leading to crime should be kept under control by parenting classes.

“Born Criminal” in modern Times Conclusion

However the respective fact is accepted that it is difficult to decide for the people who are not psychologically fit or have been transmitted the virus of crime by their ancestors, but it is important to take serious steps for these people to help them. If these people are not given due consideration, they will harm themselves and society too, thus the responsibility is doubled when biology/psychology and criminology are associated somehow. The decision-making is difficult but compulsory in this situation, leaving the authorities under great stress and confusion.


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