Freud’s Theory of Psychoanalysis and Me

Psychoanalysis theory was first invented by Sigmund Freud in late Nineties when he presented the theory of personality. In this theory Freud asserted that our daily actions are fulfilled by our mind. Our brain commands our organs to do specific task and they do so accordingly. According to him, a human mind is divided into three parts:

  1. Conscious Mind
  2. Subconscious Mind
  3. Unconscious Mind

He told that conscious mind is related to present mind in which human activities and operations are like to perform. Subconscious mind is related to preconscious mind. It holds those memories of human life which gets temporarily slips from human mind but from little effort they become the part of human memory once again. He also named him “available memory”. While the unconscious mind is that that part of the mind which deals with the uncontrolled desires of the human beings about which, sometimes human beings are unaware. Freud’s psychoanalysis theory insisted that this part of the mind is responsible for the sexual desires of the human beings. To prove this, he furthermore presented the theory of “Oedipus Complex”.

The theory of “Oedipus Complex” states that a small kid (a boy a girl) starts hating his opposite gender parent (mother or father) because of their attachment to each other. This hatred occurs because a kid in his/her initial age starts feeling sexual attraction towards the parent of opposite gender.

Moreover he also divided the mind into three parts according to its mental nature.

  1. Id
  2. Ego
  3. Superego

Id means the “Pleasure Principal” which deals with the stubborn desires of the human beings. Ego brings maturity in the human personality while superego made human mature enough to maintain balance between id and ego so that he/she can follow social rituals and mores.

If I have to describe my personality in the light of Psychoanalysis theory of Sigmund Freud, I would like to say ‘yes’ it is partially practical when it is applied on me. The theory of conscious and subconscious mind is equally relatable on my personality as it is the natural instinct of human nature to live in present and to forget little memories and then regain them after some time. Yeah! As far as unconscious mind is concerned, like other human beings sometimes my actions and words are not that much controlled by my mind that much they should be.      Idiomatically, they can be called “a slip of tongue”. But as far as “Oedipus Complex” is concerned, it seems to be a ridiculous thing! I did not feel such a ridiculous thing in my entire childhood. On the contrary, Freud’s theory of mental nature lies hundred percent correct on my personality. Id and ego are the basic attributes of my life. From the childhood till now, I don’t care what people think of me on the basis of the standards, they have set to judge any person. Superego is rarely found in me.

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