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Explore the theme of friendship in Gilgamesh. To add complexity, try comparing the friendship of Enkidu and Gilgamesh to another friendship, fictional or real. Discuss when possible the significance of similarities and differences.

Epic of Gilgamesh is a very old story plotted covering the region of Mesopotamia. In the epic of Gilgamesh, there are present few major characters, actually making up the story much interesting for the readers. One thing worth noticing and reading is the relationship between the main characters of the story titled, ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are the two main characters of the story, which actually formulates and directs the whole story of Epic of Gilgamesh. It must be kept in mind, before proceeding that Gilgamesh was a brutal ruler in the region of the story. From whom, the civilians were much fed up, and asked the god for helping them saving their life from Gilgamesh. In the start of the story, Gilgamesh was an evil kind of man, making the lives of the people of Mesopotamia, hell. As a result of the prayer by the civilians, god created a wild huge creature, just in order to defeat Gilgamesh and save the lives of the civilians of Mesopotamia. This wild, non-civilized creature was none other than, Enkidu, which was later till the end of the story of Epic of Gilgamesh, the best friend of Gilgamesh. Starting from the rivalry and enmity, the relationship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, ultimately took the form of best friendship. This friendship was so amazing that later this story is famous for the depiction of the elements of relationships, life time experiences and friendship in it. The friendship of Enkidu and Gilgamesh, affected both of them as a person and there were witnessed great changes in their personality and attitude till the end of the story. Considering Gilgamesh first of all, as he was a brutal, cold-hearted and stubborn leader of the story in the start, Enkidu after his first fight with him, made place in his heart and became his best friend. With the efforts of Enkidu, Gilgamesh, the dictator like king, was changed into a perfect leader. He came to know the importance of love, humanity and kindness and not by the efforts or enforcement of the Enkidu but with the friendship and love of him, Gilgamesh was able to leave the evilness of him far behind and ended up becoming a very good ruler and leader of Mesopotamia.  On the death of Enkidu, Gilgamesh was portrayed much disturbed. The death of Enkidu left deep impact on the life of Gilgamesh, as according to him, the reason for the death of Enkidu was he himself. Enkidu’s death was witnessed in the adventure trip of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Both of them went on a trip to the wilds, as a punishment by God, because of Enkidu’s friendship, and his act of fighting for Gilgamesh with Huwawa, Enkidu had to lose his life. Their friendship was made an example from this act too, as Enkidu had to lose his life because of his immense commitment to his best friend and his wishes. Gilgamesh was much broken and shattered with the death of his friend Enkidu, requesting mountains, animals, rivers and forests for telling him the way to his best friend. This fact was unacceptable for Gilgamesh and he was in a state of denial for a long period. In order to get the magical plant of immortality, he went on a trip alone after his death and when he encountered with god, he asked him to return his friend Enkidu to him, showing his love and attachment to Enkidu. The love and bonding of both of them was also witnessed by the god, making the spirit of Enkidu to jump in front of him from the crack on earth, leaving them with another glimpse of each other.            Where the Gilgamesh’s concern towards Enkidu can be witnessed in the previous portion of the paper, this portion will shed light on Enkidu’s concern towards Gilgamesh; Enkidu was much changed after spending time with Gilgamesh. From a wild huge creature, he was ultimately changed into a civilized being on the earth. He knew how to get dressed, how to eat, how to shave and even had the idea of other aspects of a civil life. He fought with Huwawa, even after the forbiddance of god, only for his best friend Gilgamesh, and as a result was punished of death by god. He lost his life in order to make his friend feel safe and satisfied. With the efforts of Gilgamesh, a wild creature was changed into a civilized man, understanding the ways of acting civilized. On the other hand, the company of Enkidu helped Gilgamesh to leave the evil acts of life and change into a better king in the Mesopotamia. The example of their friendship was amazing, leaving deep impact on each other and somehow reflecting the traits of each other in their personality till the end of the story. The comparison of friendship of these two characters will be done with two real life friends of 20th century. Paul Newman and Robert Redford are the heroes which will be discussed reading another different but having overlapping features of friendship among them. Paul Newman and Robert Redford are the two names which were starring the hit movie, “The Sting” showing a story of friendship and rivalry for the death of his best friend. This was though just a story of the film, but this film, helped the two men of Hollywood, to become remarkable friends of the history of the United States of America. Their names are taken as being the best friends; they lived their career life to a great extent together, and also enjoyed their private friendship life till the death of Paul in 2008. Both of them helped the other one to overcome his weaknesses and adopt good traits of each other for being a good human being. After the death of Paul Newman, Robert Redford faced much loneliness and gave many statements regarding his old passed friend. He also accepted the fact that his friendship was much closer to the friendship portrayed in the film, “The Sting”. Like after the death of a mutual friend, in the story of ‘The Sting’, Henry Shaw Gondorff and Johny Kelly Hooker, made up a group to fight against the villain and get the revenge of the death of their friend, the real life of Paul Newman and Robert Redford was also full of life, supporting each other at the ups and downs. This trait was not only present in the friendship of Paul Newman and Robert Redford only but the friendship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu was also full of such experiences, showing support towards each other. This could be the characteristic of true friendship that in the need of help, one true friend stands firm with other, supporting the other one at one hand, and making him enjoy the moment at other hand. The story might be fictional like epic of Gilgamesh or The Sting or real one like of Paul Newman and Robert Redford, it is the demand of friendship to support the friend and leave the other one with something, which makes his weaknesses go vanish from him.

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