Memo outlining your Recommendation on Privatization (Sample)

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Memo on Privatization of Services Sample

Dated: October 25, 2018

To: County Manager


Subject: Privatization of Services

Dear County Manager,

I am writing this in response to your request for a report on privatizing several services in our county. The privatization of county services is a good step forward. Privatization will bring improvements in public works and services. There are several services in our county that are painting a gloomy picture of weak management. Therefore, we need to privatize these services for maintaining public facilities in a better way.

In the first phase, we must endorse partial privatization. The purpose of privatization of public services in our county is to bring investors that will maintain public works effectively. However, we cannot completely rely on investors. There is always a risk factor involved in privatization because the performance measurement is not involved at the initial levels. Accordingly, we must give a try to assuring the long-term performance criteria of private contractors. The partial investment will not allow the investors to take hold of the contracts. Therefore, they will remain cautious about their performance.

Strong control of administration and government bodies is essential for privatization. It implies that privatizations must come with partial involvement of private contractors. The administration will remain the main entity to maintain public facilities. The partial privatization will assure performance because the administration will remain in charge of the county services. Another important step in the initial phase of privatization is the decision of privatizing several county services. The country services include water facilities, emergency services, telecommunication, security services, record keeping, and administrative works.

These services are further divided into several other small services. Therefore, we must start from small-scale privatization. There is a risk in privatizing all services at once because we cannot risk these services. In the initial phase, we must privatize small services that will depict the performance of private contractors. The small-scale investments also provide a boost to private contractors because they will get a chance to know about workplace dynamics. The county services are mostly provided to the public.

The government has huge stakes in county services. However, the current situation shows that we huge investments to take care of the declining affairs. Therefore, privatization is necessary to make sure that people get basic needs and facilities. However, the privatizing the county services is a risky decision. Therefore, we must need a comprehensive planning strategy to make sure that the performance measures are met. Private contractors can bring huge investments that are otherwise impossible in a short time span. I would like you to take a look at these recommendations for further developments:


  • Partial privatizing the county services
  • Administrative check and balance on private contractors
  • Set performance metrics
  • Assure yearly audits
  • Motivate private contractors for future investments
  • Ensure step-by-step privatization of county services




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