Organization change at MCRO KSA-Critical Thinking (MGT521)


The organization that had undergone changes in these recent years is the Mesned clinical research organization which is abbreviated as MCRO. A well-reputed research organization of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The organization is a contract-based research organization that specializes in carrying out research in clinical studies throughout the region of Africa and the Middle East.

The key indicators of the organization illustrate its provision of services which includes monitoring services, consultancy for different partners, and training services. The services the company provides cover both clinical analysis and the pharmaceutical industries as well. The company was officially recognized in 2005 with an ambition of becoming the world’s renowned consultation organization in the field of pharmacy & clinical studies.

In these recent years, the company had gone through major changes in its structure and the main idea behind this change was to make the company more efficient in its operations and secondly its aims to achieve reliability & satisfaction for the clients. The changes were made on the basis of hiring young talent from numerous parts of the country and from renowned companies in order to encourage competition between them. The company hopes to accomplish ethics & integrity by maintaining proper discipline & honesty within the premises of the company.

Moreover, the major changes also dictate the quality of service & satisfaction to the client. The layout for implementing this change is by proposing a proactive answer to the challenges along with the flexibility to adjust its employees in accordance with the given application. The major change of all is the merging with other consultation companies to achieve collaboration in resolving the existing crises in the healthcare industry of the country. The company plans to bring innovations, proper teamwork and the urgency to address & resolve the problems residing in the country.

Steps for the changes to be implemented

Regarding the implementation, the steps taken by the company initiates from the development of the hierarchy of the company in which it was decided that the company will be hiring fresh graduates who belong to the medical field along with the batch of experienced ones so that these two mindsets will be able to collaborate with each other in performing tasks related to the medical industry in a better way.

The second step is the expansion of services which considers training for the medical companies who are new to the industry, patient education, and regulatory affairs. The services also include the management affairs proposed by the company and the following are:

  • Site management
  • Data management
  • Quality management b& assurance
  • Project management
  • Risk management services & analysis
  • Supply logistics
  • Pharmacovigilance

So these are the services which were planned to be implemented in a very short period of time. The third major step is the proper setup of the customer service department where the feedbacks from the clients & the customers will address and analyzed. So these three are the main steps that were initiated immediately.


Considering the involvement of the stakeholders in running the company, it is worthwhile to mention that their role is very crucial to the company. Their main role is to set & maintain the principle of the company. In the event of urgent changes, their role dictates each and every amendment to be made and obeyed accordingly.

The main stakeholders of this company comprised of the chairman & the founder of the company who is Ph. Abdullah Al-Mesned, the board of directors consisting of five members, and the general manager for the company. They together run the company, and their decisions are made in coordination with each other.

Key Strategies

The changes defined above were very appreciable and supportive for the company to grow and prosper in order to receive huge recognition following a good reputation among the public and in the eyes of the government as well. The changes regarding the hiring were very effective, and on good terms, the company provided the way for the unemployed youth to get an opportunity in this company.

On the other hand, the negative aspect of this change was the training of the company which was not up to mark as what it supposed to be and so this could be the major hurdle for the company on achieving their objectives. I would like to recommend the company on hiring well-experienced professionals so that they can provide proper training to their employees which will prove to be fruitful for the company regarding the quantity of service and the level of satisfaction will be achieved.


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