The Man to Send Rain clouds Summary Analysis

The story “the man to send rain clouds” is written by Leslie Marmon Skilo. It is about native American rituals. This story is based on the real incident of New Mexico Indian reservation. He explains the point of view as the third person is narrating the story. It’s revealed that what Indians feel about death and what is a reason for facing the death and main objective behind it all explained in this story. An Indian man found dead in sheep camp when he was away from the village, and he has given a traditional Indian funeral.

The story is divided into four parts, in each of section he narrates the different part of Indian burial.

The main theme of a story is death, where he tells that how differently native Americans and Indian see the death and after death activities.

Main Characters in  The Man to Send Rain clouds

There are three main characters in this story Teofilo, Ken and Leon. Teofilo is the main character who died and his burial activities done in the Indian style. He is very respected in society and revived a lot of affection from his family. Ken is the brother in law of Leon and the main character who believes that Indian burial is best and he performs all the activities after the death of grandfather. Leon is a grandson of Tefilo, and he believes in both Christian and Indian burial, and he manages to do both for his grandfather.

The Man to Send Rain clouds Analysis: Part 1

In the first part of this story, he tells that the old man Teofilo died in peace. He was tending sheep out at camp away from the village. His grandsons Ken and Leon, adopt the typical buried process before sending him to final destinations. The prepare their grandfather body in a ceremonial style before taking it to a family. One of them ties a feather in Teofilo long hair, and others paint his face with blue and white paint





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