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1.1 Vision and Values for your career and professional life:

the leadership development plan to be successful and emerge as an authentic leader, there must be a vision and some values around which our whole career. and professional life are going to be built. In fact, the vision would set the direction for my career and would also balance my professional and personal life. It would also let me prioritize my actions for achieving my goals.  However, there are some things that keep away from focusing on one thing or task at a time.  In a sense, we all have some demanding new project or product at hands. Each of us has unique talents and capabilities and an important work to do in life. The tragedy is that our unique contribution is often never made because the important “first things” in our lives are choked out by other urgent things. And so some important works are never started or finished. Thus these personal challenges in the shape of some urgent task or lack of some skills do not allow us to prepare for the opportunities that come knocking.

1.1.1        Vision

“My vision is to have Ph.D. in Management Science to emerge as a great teacher in order to contribute to the existing body of knowledge for the benefit of humankind in the next five years to 10 years”

This vision has to face a lot of careers and personal challenges such as doing a job in the initial years to support for higher education as well as family. Secondly, maintaining a focus on this vision while doing the job in some multinational also presents a big challenge for me.

1.1.2        Values

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    I think Authenticity, Love, and Courage are most important for me for becoming a true leader with the unique style. In fact, these values are interrelated with each other, such as if you are a true person, you would not be fearful while taking new steps and you would be loving the task you are going to accomplish.  For instance, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. loved calligraphy; he took those calligraphy classes by getting dropped off from regular college classes which did not interest him.  He was true and authentic and fearless in taking such classes without knowing its application in the real world, however, when the first Macintosh was being developed, he applied those skills and presented best user interface with typography.Moreover, an authentic leader has the following five qualities which revolve around Love and Courage:
    • Understanding their purpose
    • Practicing solid values
    • Leading with heart
    • Establishing connected relationships
    • Demonstrating self-discipline

    1.1.3        Description of Goals     Individual Goal:

    As I often procrastinate my activities and tasks thinking that they would be completed by somehow and don’t achieve the outcome in given time, I would improve my time management skills especially for completing official tasks as well as educational tasks to emerge as an efficient employee as well as a student within next 6 months.     Interpersonal Goal:

    As I often hear the complaints I don’t pay heed to another person first, and my poor communication skills I would improve my listening as well as people skills in a couple of months so that I am able to develop strong relationships with my corporate clients.     Team/Organizational Goal:

    I often feel that there is some communication gap among my team members and I also remain unable to gain their trust, I would synergies their efforts by removing these communication gaps and becoming an active participant to formal as well as informal discussions in next 3 months.     Community Goal:

    During my study, I did not ever involve in any of the community services, now I have realized that I must do contribute to our society something valuable, hence I have would provide free of cost training of internet earning methods for next 2 years to the poor especially the household educated women getting very low wages and salaries by teaching at street schools so that they may become more effective people of my society.     Professional Goal:

    As I want to excel in my present job, once I gain additional experience, I would like to move on from a technical position of officer of credit & marketing officer to Assistant Manager within next 2 years.

    1.2       Strategies and Action:

    I have devised following strategies and actions to achieve my goals within targeted time frame:

    Individual Goal: Time Management Skills:

    • Firstly, I would attend training and workshops to improve my time management skills
    • I would read books especially “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen R. Covey and another book on time management by Franklin Covey for the next 2 months on daily basis.
    • I would maintain my to-do list on daily basis for official as well as personal tasks and activities.
    • I would use Priority Matrix developed by Franklin Covey to prioritize activities accordingly to their urgency and importance.
    • I would assign time limits to each of my tasks in order to be more efficient.
    • Reduce or eliminate time wasters and distractions to be more productive
    • Eliminate the no longer accept things in your life for increased happiness
    • Organize my time and life for maximum effectiveness.

    Interpersonal Goal: Improving listening skills

    • I would read some good books on improving listening skills and becoming an active listener.
    • I have read that there are five key elements of active listening such as paying attention, showing that you are listening, providing feedback, deferring judgment and responding appropriately, I would practice these elements whenever I m dealing with clients whether face to face or over the telephone.
    • I would also try to listen to the speaker’s body language and refraining from side conversations when listening in a group setting.
    • As listening is a model for respect and understanding, I would try to be candid, open, and honest in my response as much as possible.

    Team/Organizational Goal: Synergizing and effective team member:

    • Firstly I would try to have strong relationships based on transparency and trust with each of the team members.
    • I would develop myself, active listener, to understand them.
    • I would help them beyond the call of duty to materialize the team goal.
    • I would try to have relationships based on win-win strategy.
    • I would get their opinion in those tasks where I feel uncomfortable taking a decision.
    • I would give them the respective importance to each of the team member realizing their individual differences.
    • I would not ever criticize any of the team members due to his or her lack of some skill of incompetency.
    • Most of the existing conflict among the team members would be settled within the next couple of months.
    • I will also read “How to win friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

    Community Goal: Free Internet Earning  Training Program

    • I will myself thoroughly take the Google Adsense training online and some other revenues online marketing courses.
    • I will then design and arrange various course modules according to the educational background of the participants.
    • I will also develop a comprehensive schedule keeping in view the daily requirements of the participants.
    • Initially, I would set up the in-house training environment in order to save rental cost.
    • I will also design a pamphlet to advertise the Free Internet.
    • With the health progress of the course, new voluntary teachers would also be hired free of cost to give in-depth specialized training to the participants.

    Professional Goal: Getting promotion and becoming Assistant Manager

    • I will pinpoint the bottlenecks and convince my boss and higher management to fix them.
    • I will see new responsibilities and challenges as opportunities.
    • I would also suggest new ways and ideas to the higher management for increasing sales.
    • What is being assigned to me, I will try to finish it within time.
    • Every month I will do individual self-assessment and ask for help where I need it, regardless of what my boss says.
    • I will study and learn selling and bargaining skills which are necessary for going to the next level of job in the same organization.
    • I will try to put the best of my effort into fulfilling my job tasks.

    1.3       Tracking Progress:

    Basically, I would review all of the goals once a week in order to see if any of the goals requires some revision and adjustment in its action plan. This frequent review would enable me taking big decisions and determining priorities in life. I would also closely watch and monitor goals which are being achieved on time and which goals require extension in the deadline. However, the progress of each goal would be tracked differently.

    Individual Goal: Time Management

    • As I have set a time limit of six months, I would take online quizzes and questionnaires on weekly basis to assess how much I have become effective.
    • I would also take independent opinions of my colleagues and peers to whether I m completing my tasks on time.

    Interpersonal Goal: Improving listening skills

    • I would keep track of my daily conversation with my clients and peers in order to assess my listening skills on daily basis.
    • After each week for the next two months, I would get filled questionnaire from my peers and friends.
    • If it seems that I m not achieving desired outcomes, I would take some advanced courses in listening skills.
    • After two months, I would see how many new strong relationships have been developed.
    • I will also take regular feedback from my peers and client about my listening skills.


    Team/Organizational Goal: Synergizing and active role in Team efforts

    • At the end of three months, I would see how many conflicts have been removed and how strong bonds I have created with my team member.
    • At the end of each month, I would monitor my efforts put up for team goal achievement rather than individual goals.
    • I would also take the independent opinion of my team leader about my efforts for the team goals achievement.
    • The feedback from the team members would also allow me to track my communication skills within a team.

    Community Goal: Free Internet Earning methods training

    • I would take the exam each month in order to monitor their learning.
    • They would be given 2 months to come up with unique ideas and develop their own personal and professional blogs for making money.
    • At the end of each term comprising 4 months, there would be a contest to see their progress.

    Professional Goal: Getting promotion and becoming Assistant Manager

    • I would self-assess my performance at the office to see how much I m getting nearer to my destination of becoming Assistant Manager.
    • On monthly basis, I would check how much revenues I have generated for the company while putting up optimum efforts.
    • I would check my mistakes while profile writing and see how many times a year I get positive remarks from my team leader and seniors.

     Build Support System and Networks:

    The following community and professional support system I think would enable me developing leadership and people skills need to be successful in personal and professional life.

    1. Firstly I need strong family support for enabling me bold steps with courage while breaking the boundaries of fear.
    2. Secondly, I need a strong commitment from my friends to enable me to develop people and interpersonal skills needed to develop strong relationships.
    3. Thirdly, I also need a network support from my peer group for providing me feedback and encouragement for taking courageous steps in life and making quick decisions in life.
    4. Especially, I need guidance from my teachers for becoming a strong authentic leader with strong people skills.

    Personal Mission Statement:

    As I am an introverted person having a calm personality, I would like to go through develop strong interpersonal and leadership skills while maintaining positive relationships with my family friends and peers. To make a personal commitment to honesty and integrity while choosing the ethical way of making the livelihood. To pursue my vision and find peacefulness within myself by creating balance among my personal and professional life obligations. I will also explore the hidden meaning of life and know where security lies within my life in order to be contented myself. To find love in doing what I am doing and love humanity without any material benefit. I know that I can accomplish a lot of things in my life especially doing Ph.D., but first I would take bold steps out of fear while enjoying every moment along this journey finding laughter, love, and happiness with each day that passes.

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