Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry Analysis Paper



This report analyzed the Hogwarts School that is presented in the Harry Potter that is one of the most favorites and recognized film, and most of the students want that this school exists in reality, and they will get the chance to learn from this school. So, in this report, we analyze this school, its location, the school outlook, the life of the students in the school, teachers, grounds, the exterior of the school, etc. to know how exactly it is and how anyone made a school like this in future.

The Hogwarts schools of the wizardry and witchcraft Analysis

The Hogwarts schools of the wizardry and witchcraft are the fictional school of British that is presented in the Harry Potter. It’s the magic school for the student’s age eleven to eighteen. It’s located in Scotland and owned by the ministry of magic. The head of the school from 1960-1997 was Albus Dumbledore, 1993 McGonagall, 1997 to 1998 Severus Snape and 1998 to present is Dolores Umbridge (Wohlberg, 2005)

This school attained the rank of 36 among the best Scottish educational institution in 2008 online ranking in which it was added in a list of school as the school for fun as the independent category and then attainted high votes from all over the world voters (www.scotsman.com, 2008)

Location and the information about the school

The Hogwarts School is located somewhere in Scotland from where the Duff town is much near. The Hogwarts School portrayed as having several charms and the spells around and on it that made it difficult for the Muggle to locate the school at the exact location (Rowling, J.K., 2012).

The school has the castle-like setting that has the extensive grounds with the flowerbeds, sloping lawns and the vegetable patches, the large dark forest (that is known as a Forbidden forest), the loch (known as the black lake), the full-size Quidditch pitch and numerous greenhouses and the other outbuildings.



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