Essay on the trade war between USA and china

I want one page for each topic

I want 3 different essay about the trade war between USA and china the three topic isthe first topic about whisky
the second about orange juice
the third about fruit


The most geopolitical event of the year is the trade war between USA and China. It is the war
between the largest economies of the world. This war continues as there is no winner in the trade
The Americans whiskey has now become the latest victim that is caught in crossfire to ongoing
trade between the China and US. China has announced the additional list is having 106 products,
hit with 25% punitive tariff. China enforces 15% of tariff on the American wine. And total taxes
on the American wine bring up to 67.7%.

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A new list by Ministry of the Commerce has announced on 4 April on the website and included
motorbikes, soybean, aerospace, cigars and whiskey and worth on $50 billion of US. It came
after Trump administration announced the proposed tariffs on 1300 of Chinese exports. From the
American whiskeys, the Bourbon is the hit by the punitive tariff.
Bourbon is a truly the American whiskey and can’t produce somewhere else except the US. It is
made all over America from Washington to Kentucky which includes Tennessee whiskey, rye
whiskey and Bourbon. China also imported $12.8 million in 2017 on the US spirits. At nearly
US$9m is the total of whiskey according to the provided figure by the industry of trade liquor
association, the Distilled Spirits Council.
The majority of the American, the whiskey is domestically consumed. Around 23 million 9-liter
American cases the whiskey in the US was sold and, generate US$3.4 billion in the revenue
according to the council for the distillers. Increase in the tariffs on the American whiskey has

benefit to the Scotch exports to China and particularly the Chinese government cut the tariffs on
the Scotch malts last year from 10 to 5%.

Orange Juice:

The US and China have already fired opening the salvos that become the full-blown war among
the largest economies’ countries. The orange growers are dragged in trade wars in the US as a
cheap import, falling consumption and trade tariffs put the squeeze on the industry. The scale of
trade war among the countries is the largest in history.
The Donald Trump has locked the heads with the Canadian Justin Trudeau at NAFTA talks. The
Latin American producers of fruit are reading for tricky months. The American producers have
battered as the households have a cut back on drinking orange juice.

[emaillocker]In the US the consumption of orange juice fell in 2001 from 5 billion and in 2016 to 2.8 billion
liters. Washington’s main concerns are on the products of apples, cherries, fruit seeds and
vegetables. That state doesn’t have a concern on the juices. The growing competition at the same
time produces notably cheaper in Brazil and rises the imports. (poqmars, 2018)
In the latest blow, America’s orange growers have imposed around 25% tariffs on the import of
orange juice from the US. In the US the market of orange juice has shrunk as the consumer’s
tastes but remains huge business. In 2018, the revenue of the orange juice as reach up to $3.7
billion. But pressure is growing and main producers to the US producers at last decade has
emerging Brazil economy and lesser to Mexico.
The US president moves for protecting the US producers and open a fresh round trade war. As
Florida, there is a political dimension to be an issue and it is the key to swing the state in
electoral politics of US. Trade in the orange juice is moved from Trading Places days that

include a change in a taste. From juice, it has shifted to the fresher products. And it is true that
whatever has been changed, there is much more money in orange juice.[/sociallocker]


The Trade war is the biggest one in the history between the US and China. it also impacts on the
fruits trade among these two countries. This war is coming to the curb of the fresh fruits, the
grapes that are imported from Chile.
The fight has rattled the financial markets with the global stock markets of fruits. The stock
market globally is sell-off. The US commenced 25% of 818 of the Chinese products that have a
worth of $34 billion is signaled. China also issued retaliation for taking effect immediately.
The Fruits products from China are not included in the lists of two tariffs but include in the
proposed list. Tariffs list on 6 July has raised the tariffs on the products of fruits exported to
China. If the products fall in two tariffs from 2 April and 6 July then cumulative of 40% rate of
increase occurs. The edible fruits and nuts exports of US to China defined 8 of the customer’s
codes that are on both lists and that means additional tariffs on products can reach 40%.
The plum and cherry rate of export rose from 10 to 50% and orange from 11% to 51%. For the
nuts, the rate of the in-shell walnut increased to 65% and Pistachios grew from 5% to 45%. The
Almonds rose to 50%, other hazelnuts of in-shell climbed to 65%. Extra 40% of tariff for fruits
and nuts have a weaken future of competition in the Chinese market.
The juicy fruits also have tariffs increase rates — cranberries increases from 15% to 40%. The
frozen juice of orange suffers to 32.5%. Similarly, the rate of the unfrozen juice is increased to

The fruits exports of Chinese to the US is affecting in $200 billion. And the biggest impact is on
the apple juice as in China; US is the largest market of the apple juice. (Lombrana, 2018).


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