E-Business Model Essay

Identify the technology infrastructure required for this model

The online marketplace is expanding with everyday revolutionary technologies and innovations.  With the help of new web technologies such as web 2.0, expert agents, and data mining tools etc, a more interactive online environment can be provided to Tumblr users. Moreover, the customers achieve the shared power of the community with the help of these technologies. Web 2.0 is usually considered to technological advancements; however, it has a lot of applications for the online bloggers.

In fact, with the help of these technologies, Tumblr blogging platform can bring advanced collaborative functionality to their online e-business model to deliver the experience often desired by the customers in this social networking and blogging era. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence-expert agents, data mining tools and another web 2.0 tools such as online reviews, video sharing etc. easily create brand recognition, customer loyalty and increase repeat sales. Thus the business managers would stay afloat in the competitive field of e-commerce if they take effective use of these new technologies.

Here we see how micro-blogger such as Tumblr can apply these technologies in various ways to boost online traffic:

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The pairing up similar items such as songs, photos, videos, and even user comments is possible with these latest web technologies that have the power and technical capabilities of presenting various ways to add this functionality to an online web environment. Mashups are one of the newest incarnations of the latest web tools. It is created using an application programming interface (API). It gives a website the functionality to integrate itself into the structure of another website while a user or customer is browsing. The difficulty of managing large user-generated data and online bloggers’ comments has now been removed with the advent of data mining technologies. Now, these users’ reviews can be easily stored and managed to improve the online site experience for bloggers for meeting their growing expectations and have their actions impact your site.

Portable Content Management:

The portable content that can be displayed anywhere on the micro-blogging platform with the help of Web 2.0. These tools and applications enable e-business models such as Tumblr to incorporate interactive experience in the shape of affiliations, rich social networking, blogging, and video sharing sites.

Online Polls:

These technologies allow presenting better user forums, ask and answer tools. Thus it is possible to have a conversation right onto the users’ shared contents, open up questions to the shopping or blogging community to answer. This increase the chances of getting better answers from a customer than a customer service rep who has not seen or used the product

Now web 2.0 and other expert agents have offered the website the capabilities of user-created lists which can help customers discover new items from birds-of-a-feather. The real examples are Amazon’s Listmania and the iTunes Store’s iMixes.

2 How could the E-Business model be improved for increased business:

As e-business model combines business and technology, it is necessary to have sound technology-rich IT infrastructure to improve the existing business model for a blogging platform. This latest technology must have the capability to support e-business applications quickly and make collaboration possible and easy.

Tumblr which face tough competition from other micro-blogger such as Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku etc., needs new features to its clean and slick micro-blogging platform to squarely target the geeks who pay for a blog and charge for them.  In fact, these features can also become pay-for features such as Slideshow, guaranteed uptime, better structure, and Track-and Pingbacks etc.

Track- and Pingbacks:

The Tumblr platform has the capabilities of integrating its posts with other Tumblr post, but it does not support track- or pingbacks and thus does not integrate outside blogs. It is suggested that Tumblr should implement either Trackbacks, pingbacks or both to successful fix this problem and increase the users’ volume.

Proper Structure and Better (Read: Non-Flash) Slideshows:

The micro-blogging platform presented by Tumblr excels at immediacy, but it lacks in case of history. In fact, its archive pages are not useful as one has to wade through a huge array of posts to reach the exact post needed. This problem can be resolved through having slideshows applications on the platform for viewing photos as Facebook has successfully implemented. Moreover, by letting users host small files on Tumblr’s servers, Tumblr can reduce the load of files. It can restrict some features to only paying users: in this way chances of hosting illegal files on Tumblr would be reduced and on the other hand, it would be a value-added feature for paying users.

HTML 5 Video and Audio:

Tumblr can increase the users’ traffic to its platform by implementing HTML 5 for uploading videos and audio files on its servers. As some of the oldest browser technologies have done so and are compatible with H.264 videos using the HTML 5 <video> tag.

Guaranteed Uptime

Tumblr’s micro-blogging platform sometimes faces the problem of massive server meltdown, which reduces its competitiveness in the market of social networking. Thus guaranteed uptime will give users 100 percent uptime to use Tumblr microblogging platform.

On the other hand, the e-business model improvement process must ensure that its supplier related process is good for cost as well as time-saving. To accomplish this e-business model must prepare information-exchange policies with suppliers, evaluation metrics and supplier quality monitoring process. These procedures must also be well documented in the form of standard operating procedures.

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