Setting up a coffee shop can be recognized as beauty to be enjoyed and carving to be cultivated. This idea has lead to setting up a coffee shop chain in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where consumers’ trends are rapidly changing due to shifts in lifestyles.

The coffee shop has the aim of becoming a daily necessity for local as well as the foreign expatriate who are coffee addicts.  It will offer a comfortable environment where people can try to escape the daily stresses of life. With growing demand for premium-quality coffee and great services, the coffee shop will capitalize on its proximity to the airport and major shopping malls, hotels and restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to build a core group of repeat customers. The coffee shop will offer the best-prepared coffee complimented with pastries amid the proliferation of multinational chains such as Starbuck, Ranco, Dr. Coffee etc..

It is evident that coffee business is increasingly becoming price-sensitive; hence the coffee shop will also offer variations at a lower price to market the expatriates who cannot afford the premium quality coffee.

The coffee shop’s offering of tasting coffee beverages will be achieved by using premium-quality ingredients and strictly followed preparation guidelines. The shop will try to maximize the sales of higher margin espresso drinks by creating unique store layout, menu listing and marketing activities fine-tuned to the culture of the Saudi Arabian market. It will also offer refreshment beverages along with the espresso drinks, brewed coffee, and teas at the shop. As consumer trends have shown that some consumers prefer to prepare coffee at home, the coffee shop will also be selling coffee beans.

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