The movie “Catch me if you can” is about the story of a boy, who ran away from his house as teenager, due to the separation of his parents and economic crises. He spent the first few years traveling and scamming. This essay is about the problems and circumstances that make people creative and even young people are also creative. In this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is played the role of a creative and young, and charismatic man, who spent the early years of his life in very miserable conditions, and due to that situation, he became a creative person.

When Abagnale left his fractured family at the age of 16, he started a life of crime as a paperhanger and scammed amassing millions of dollars by printing the phony cheques. In a very short time, he went through different professions and careers. He loved his parents very much. In the movie, it is represented that he was involved by his father in different scams (Abagnale F., 2011). Due to this reason, his father got problems with money and it led to separation. In his childhood, he thought to recreate his perfect life and then he went to pursue the perfect life of his own. This aim leads him to become creative in the socially negative perspective.

The aim of the perfect life does not have any problem in itself but Abagnale wanted to try everything whether it is good or bad which is why he became a bad guy instead of a good guy. He was very unlucky in his early life due to his astonishing eye for detail. His mother had an adulterous affair with a friend of his father. He felt that he could not fit in his school and wanted to attend French class as a substitute.

The first thing that makes Abagnale a creative person and lived his life by own is his entrance into the business world. Generally, the business world is presented in a negative perspective because of developmental scandals in the history of the business. He had a charismatic personality that is why he impersonated the directors and chief executive officers of different companies, corporations, and organizations. He had the confidence that is why any person never interrogated him about what he said and what he does (Abagnale F. W., 2008).

The second thing which made him creative is the movies, through which he learned about different behaviors and attitudes in an impersonated way. It is quite true that movies also make us creative in various ways. In the more narrow perspective, it is actually the curiosity that makes a person creative so that one can find their things everywhere, even in the moments of entertainment. In the field of business, no one confirms the information and credentials of any employee that is why many organizations got bluffed.

What is Frank Abagnale IQ

Abagnale was very quick in decision-making and pretending to be strong every time. In the scene at Miami International Airport, where FBI agents were waiting for him, he appeared as a fraudulent recruiting system. He marketed this system by using the Airline brand of Panam and made the system legitimate. Through this creative technique, he passed easily from the airport in front of the FBI agents, however, it is not creative in a good sense.

What is the message of Catch Me If You Can?

In this movie, the use and exploitation of power are much highlighted, which is also a factor of creativity.  It is fact that if a person got the money he became more creative and got the authority to rule over the people with ordinary capabilities. It is a fact that creative people observe everything around them. This is the main reason why he exploited others and made others fool. He covered the situation, he has good linguistic skills through which no one dares to argue with him (Hanadel, 2000).

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The fact of being smiled every time looks very confident and creative in one way or other because people tend to be the most creative if they are in a good mood or a healthy environment. It infers that he has the talent of open-mindedness due to be in good mood every time, this good mood helps him to think more broadly. In this movie, Frank did not behave positively but the researches have shown that an increase in the positive mood broadens broad the attention and allows us to think about more possibilities and solutions to creative problems.

One factor of being creative, which is not been represented in the movie is write down the problems on paper and solve them accordingly. It reduces the stress and depression from the mind that is why it increases the creativity in the person. Writing about the problems take time, which is a creative person needs time for solitude. In this movie, Frank got a lot of time for solitude when he ran away from his home, which ultimately made him a creative person (MacLusky, 2003).

It is evident from the movie that creative persons have early-life trauma, which ultimately builds them. Frank had post-trauma growth in a way that he wanted to live in his own way to conquer the world. It was a very crucial time of his life because at that time he has nothing, no home, no job, no family, and no friends. This is he knew how to tackle these experiences in his life. He goes through all these experiences alone.

When someone is alone in his life, he/she create their own opportunities. In the movie, Frank was so creative to build their opportunities in a more creative way that was very astonishing. The movie is very good and made a blockbuster on the box office because its story was so good and creative. The viewer can find many new things to watch in the movie. Failure is also an important factor in the lives of creative persons and in this movie we can find the element of failure in the life of Frank.

Creative people follow their true passions because when someone is not dependent on anyone, he/she has to do everything for oneself, then he/she explore oneself about the desires, passions, and enthusiasm. In the movie, Frank has enough time to explore himself which is why he went for his true passions. Creative also surrounded themselves with beauty because it makes them alive in this horrible world.

Frank’s Creativity and Genius

Hence, this essay is about the element of creativity in Frank, the main actor of the ‘Catch me if you can’ and in general life. Everyone has an ordinary level of creativity but such people who have such events in their lives made them extra-ordinary creative. It is also evident that these catastrophes in life may ruin the whole life or cause permanent disability but such people who fight with the problems became the creative ones. Due to these people, the human race developed so much and make the world so beautiful and peaceful for everyone.

Imagination is also an effective element in creativity. The more imaginative one may be the more creative. Life is full of problems and hurdles, to make it easy and beautiful, it is necessary to have a good taste of aesthetics and art so that the art of imagination becomes improve. Since all the shown or hidden factors of the creativity in this movie made it very beautiful, however, there are certain negative things in the movie but it is overall an inspirational movie.


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