Analysis of the movie Tango

Analysis of the movie Tango by Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura, a Spanish director, directed the movie ‘Tango,’ and gained number of credits especially because of the minimalist action techniques, as used throughout the development of the movie. Dance is the major theme of the movie around which the overall story and character roles are defined within the progression of the movie. Miguel Angel Sola played the role of Mario Suarez to create the movie tango, whereas incorporating various aspects of his work-related life. He also incorporated the suffering of his divorce from Laura Fuentes who was one of the talented actors and dancers.

After watching the movie, it becomes clearer that the involvement of various dancers dominates many scenes of the movie, whereas showing the fact that the directors has controlled and manipulated all of the dancers involved in tango, with respect to their emotional power. Therefore, the major purpose of this paper is to analyse the movie ‘Tango,’ whereas revealing about major ideas behind the development of the movie at the time of its creation, certainly gender roles, love, power, and stereotype (Rattey, 1999).

The movie first of all is linked with the idea of gender role, over which the director of the movie has tried to show audience about different roles of males and females. Through the manipulation of emotions of female dancer, the director showed that male gender plays a dominant role over female gender, in almost every aspect of life whether it is dancing or making some money out of a real business.



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