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Amazon Background

Amazon is an e-commerce giant selling products and services around the globe. Amazon is an online retailer selling online books, music, movies, and web services, becoming the iconic example of e-commerce. Amazon is a vast internet-based company that sells books, toys, electronics, and other goods widely as many products as possible. It works as the middleman between its number of retailers and millions of customers. Its services also include clouding and computer services for the client and have a huge cloud computing domain. It is a huge web services-based business as per 2012, all traffic of north Americas on the internet from which 1 percent go through the Amazon website (Hall, 2018).

The company also has products like Kindle, which is a book reading device for book readers online. This device has led amazon to start the trend and huge boom of online book publishing and reading, which made amazon a driving force in the reading and publishing market. Amazon was incorporated in 1994 by the hedge fund executive Jeff Bezos and the name starting from the first alphabet and its huge association with the South American river. According to his idea, books were the most logical product to sell online, which became a huge success, and he diversified its business to other products (Hall, 2018).

On the other hand, Walmart also comes as a big giant in the e-commerce industry, which was firstly a grocery chain and then introduced the products like clothing brands and other grocery provider companies. Amazon hugely disrupted the business of Walmart after becoming the first choice of consumers in American to buy goods online. It hugely affected Walmart’s business after amazon decided to sell everything possible online. Walmart entered into the e-commerce business after facing difficulties as its growth slows down. Some people have argued that Walmart has delayed its strategy to come online (Deagon, 2018).

Most effective use of online technology

As discussed above, Amazon was the first to sell books online. Further, it introduces the kindle online book reading device. As Amazon was the first entrant, Jeff Bezos realized the importance of the online store, which led the company to use the technology most effectively. Moreover, it further introduced the search engine technology and realized the importance of the online presence, which set them apart from amazon in terms of using the technology. In this regard, Amazon is more concerned and using more technology which increases the effectiveness of the technology (Deagon, 2018).

E-commerce and Related Technologies

Amazon is using machine learning technology which is the latest in the technology field. It is using this technology to update its sales forecasts and give recommendations to its team for product improvements. It also uses search engine technologies making amazon using the full potential of technology (Green, 2018).

Areas of Improvement

Walmart can improve highly compared to amazon in technology. Amazon is using technology intensively and is a high-end technology solution provider. For Walmart, there are many areas in which it can improve, like machine learning and sales forecast (Grill-Goodman, 2018).

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