There are different sourcing methods for meeting the short-term and

long term recruitment needs of Smith’s Retail Inc.

Moreover, these methods will keep changing with the dynamic nature of job market for pharmacist in the northern U.S.  However, it must be noted that short-term sourcing methods are more expensive than long-term sourcing methods as they provide enough time to focus on “zero” or minimal expenses.

The following innovative sourcing method has emerged due to retail and IT sectors boom in the U.S:


In this digital age, dynamic and effective modes of advertisement have emerged, which can be used to quickly source the potential pharmacist for Smith’s Retail Inc.


For instance, job advertisements in newspapers for the vacant pharmacist position in one of the retail giant like Smith’s can be used for potential candidates.  Moreover, this mode of advertisement would save a lot of time for screening resumes because resumes received as a response to newspaper advertisements are for a specific post.  However, this method of recruitment would be used for meeting the long-term pharmacist needs of

Smith’s Retail Inc.

TV and Radio Channels:

Now retails companies are increasingly being attracted by the proliferation of Local TV and radio channels for an advertisement for their products as well as sourcing candidates.  The advertisements flashed on local TV channels, cable operators and FM radio channels can attract a reasonable audience of job seekers.

Trade Journals, Business and Professional Magazines:

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One of the modes of print media is to have job ads in trade journals, business and other related magazines published weekly and monthly and annually. However, this mode is a bit more expensive as compared to other modes of advertising. Moreover, this method is suitable for meeting longer recruitment needs of the company.

Job Portal:

Job portal is a new and innovative mode of job advertisement which is attractive to youngsters however it is moderately expensive. Its access is universal and thus candidates across the globe can be attracted to new job postings and resumes can be received from all over the world.  However, this mode is recommended to be used as a long-term recruitment method as it can take a longer time to process the received response. This internet-based advertising will also help the Smith’s Retail to create the brand image throughout the Northern US as well as rest of America. Moreover, it encourages the drive to paperless recruitment and thus time efficient.

Other Print Media ( banners, Posters & pamphlets)

Banners, poster, and pamphlets can also be used as a mode of job advertisement especially in the retail market, where customers have direct contact with the sellers. This mode has remained much successful in attracting potential candidates for vacant places in retail stores across the USA. This mode of advertisement is less expensive as compared to other modes of print advertisement and it also reaches the jobseekers quickly. This method can be much attractive for Smith’s Retail Inc. because banners and posters for new job opening can be placed outside the retail stores and retail vans to immediately fill the vacant places for pharmacists.

Methods for Internal Sourcing:

Smith’s can have following internal sourcing methods as they offer potential benefits:

  • Internal recruiting makes easy for the recruiter to assess the potential for the next level and in contrast to external recruits, where the reliability of the source is checked through references, and detailed encounters such as interviews.
  • Moreover, it is always better to seek from existing employees for filling new jobs as they know the organization better, its strengths and weaknesses, its culture and its people.
  • Usually, organizations are able to build more motivated and committed workforce with internal promotions. These committed and ambitious employees are more likely to innovate and more productive for the organization as they are inspired and enticed by promotions.
  • This method is one of the quickest and cheapest in contrast to traditional media and interviewing outsiders. Moreover, an organization also gets benefits from reduced time in training and socialization for new employees.


However, at the same time, several disadvantages exist:

  • Sometimes organizations have to accept an employee with an average mix of competences due to non-availability of the right candidate within the organization.
  • If the rapid expansion within the organization has created new vacancies, there may be a lack of qualified individuals above the entry level to fill these new places. This may result in early promotions leading to lack of proper learning how to do the job well at a specific place.


One of the immediate ways for filling vacant places is through internal promotions. It will fulfill the quick requirements of Smith’s Retail Inc.  Moreover, this method of sourcing is easy, less expensive and boosts the existing employee’s morale.

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Inter-Departmental Transfers:

Another method of internal hiring is seeking inter-departmental transfers for filling up vacancies. One of the added advantages of this method is the minimal expense of some training requirements of the employee to be transferred to the new department.

Short-Term Sourcing Methods

Employee Referrals:

Smith’s Retail Inc can easily and effectively meet its current pharmacist requirements through an effective employee referral program in which employees are offered a reward for introducing new potential candidates for filling vacant places at various departments at Smith’s.  It is one of the easiest methods of sourcing for immediate needs as it helps to achieve mass recruitment.


Another less expensive and short-term method of sourcing is contacting and bringing back old employees who have left the company. Smith’s Inc. can have the most reliable and valuable candidates at minimal cost with this method.

Trainee Programs:

Smith’s Retail can fulfill its long-term job requirements in the competitive market of Northern US where pharmacist are high in demand by launching training programs to provide training to young fresh college graduates. It is a good alternative way of sourcing potential candidates effectively.   Through these programs, trainees can be developed into a valuable and reliable workforce for the company.

Unsolicited Applications:

One of the long-term sourcing methods of seeking potential pharmacist is receiving and acknowledging unsolicited applications throughout the year. In this way, Smith can inexpensively preserve the good applications and call them at the appropriate time. However, totally relying on this method is wastage of time in the northern US where the pharmacist is highly demanded.

Walk-In Interviews:

Smith’s Retail Inc can conduct exclusive walk-in interviews to quickly fill the vacant places at its various retail drug stores.  This method is cost effective as well as time-saving. Smith thus can have mass advertising in various modes such as print, electronic and digital to fix a date and venue for the interview and selected candidates can be issued offer letters on the same day.

Job Fairs:

The concept of job fair has got importance in the presences of rich electronic and digital media. They help companies to attract interested candidates for finding the right job. In fact, these open fora also help employers to offer best to the job seekers so that they can make informed choices at the spot. Nowadays jobseekers find them one of the most effective ways for finding the right job.  At job fairs, potential candidates have the opportunities to offer their resumes and interviews to dozens of companies while various industry-wise employers have a large pool of candidates on which to draw. However, this method of recruiting and sourcing can fulfill Smith’s Retail long-term requirements as job fairs are held annually or biannually. Moreover, it is expensive and Smith will have to look out for qualified, potential candidates who seem to be loyal, dedicated and initiative.


Campus Recruitment:

Campus recruiting is one of the best corporate recruiting strategies nowadays. The employers can select the potential employees with required personal, technical and professional competencies through campus recruiting with minimum cost. Inter alia, a positive work ethic, strong interpersonal skill, leadership skills, and team player capabilities can be identified as the personal competencies.  This method of recruiting also give the employer the opportunity to evaluate and get the fair view of a student’s current strengths and potential future value to the organization. Smith can adopt this method of sourcing as a long-term strategy for attracting potential pharmacist from the local colleges of northern US.

Customers, Suppliers:

In the retail industry where there is a wide array of customers and suppliers, retail companies can use them as a potential source of recruiting job seekers. They can provide references for good candidates. Smith’s being a drug retailer can adopt this strategy in the long-run for attracting the right candidate with fewer expenses.


Social Media:

Social media has become one of the most optimal choices of recruitment and sourcing for a potential employer in the era of information and social networking. In fact, digital media and social media tools have attracted savvy job seekers to search for jobs and thus recruiters have embraced social media as a recruiting tool.

These media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ etc have brought together people of all ages and various associations have made their networks on these sites. HR departments of corporate employers can make use of these groups and networks to have mass advertising of their vacant places. And that is why job seekers create digital resumes such as infographic resumes, video resumes and other visual resumes. Now after taking the importance of social media in the recruiting process, many companies have turned to social media for sourcing and evaluating job candidates.

Moreover, the recruitment cost of social media as much lower as compared to other media of advertising such as print and electronic. For instance, a company can post jobs and search for potential candidates with a cost of $ 195 for 30 days. In addition, the companies can also buy job credits or sign up for LinkedIn Talent Advantage which is an exclusive suite of tools for recruiters. Smith’s is a leading drug retailer can fetch handsome portfolio of pharmacists with well-devised long-term social media recruitment strategy as an efficient way of sourcing and recruiting.


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