Social theories and Relevant HR Practices

Research Statement 1:

One of the biggest challenges for organisational management is the fact that it is an ideology that is applied to communities differently. For instance, pursuit of profit cannot be always put ahead of all other considerations since this may cause inequality, insecurity and abuse of power. On the other hand, Human Relations School argues that a business can only maintain its competitive edge if the people who work there are committed to its success. Therefore, for HR managers to succeed in their role, they need to understand the world, other people and events in that world.
Requirement 1:
Critically discuss the above statement, explaining how various social theories and relevant HR practices can help in dealing with contemporary issues and challenges that affect HR functions. Your work needs to incorporate examples of relevant practices or policies of real-world organisations. 



Today’s economic environment is highly competitive, and business needs every aspect to consider to have a competitive edge over its competitors. Human resources are the most valuable part of any organization as the employees and managers of the organization are a critical factors to the success of the organization. HR is the key aspect of any organization and plays a critical role in developing the culture of the organization. Culture is

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critical for organizational success; it comprises of the unique behavior which contributes to the unique and social and phycological environment of any organization. If employees are inclined to the organization’s success, they will work towards the goals and organization will achieve more results. Human resource management is widely discussed, and a number of research articles have been published on the topic. Businesses are developing day by day, and every organization is trying to perform best in their market (III, 2011).

They are paying attention to their department to get maximum results. One of major department is human resources management whose right placement can increase the value and profit for the organization. Companies are very much concern about that fact that if they do not perform well in the human resource department, they will stay behind from their competitors. Because the major challenge that the companies facing nowadays is to stay in the competition because each day with the globalization trend the competition in the market enhance, and all of the companies through efficient HR practices ensures their employees high motivation and retention level that boosts their performance and main competitive position of company (Parameswari & Yugandhar, 2015). The first statement shows the concern about employees of the company which are hired by the human resources department; it said if they do not hire competent people, it will loss the firm in the future.

HR needs to make proper policies to satisfy employees in term of inequality, insecurity, and abuse of power. Most employees feel pressure at work because of these factors and can not perform well. HR manager needs to focus on these issues and made a plan according to them. Many social theories and HR practices will help them to resolve issues and benefits organizations (III, 2011).

Social theories

Social theories help to understand the nature of human the way they behave and react towards certain situations. It guides about how hum reacts differently in a different culture and respond. These theories help to remove issue in society because of human nature. They guide how to react and respond when a human is behaving in a specific way (Ignatius, 2015).

Human resource manager need to understand these theories that they will help him to resolve the employee’s issues. Theoretical orientation will guide the manager on how to select employees for certain job by looking at his capabilities. Like some of the employees have an aggressive nature, so they are not suitable for a calm and composed job. Similarly, extrovert employees cannot perform well in account department because he can’t sit at a place for long. Introvert nature is good for accounting jobs (Garton, 2017).

Employees history and background guides a lot of things about his nature, like if he is continuously switching job, he is not a right for long term project organization because he can leave your organization any time. HR needs to evaluate employees documents and history before hiring critically. The selection of an inappropriate person for a job is a loss of money and time (Garton, 2017).

Social learning theory

Social learning theory is one of important theory to understand the physiology of human and shaping their behaviors according to needs. This theory is applicable in the human resource department to understand the behavior of employees and then to shape it by training and other methods. These processes include

  • Modeling behaviors
  • Limitations are not just flattery
  • Keep an eye on employees progress
  • Give mistakes weight

This is a very useful method to understand the needs of employees and develop policies according to their needs. It will help the HR department to form more relevant training to enhance employees performance and resolve existing issues. HR manager can customize their HR software according to the needs of training of employees

Social learning theory also helps in eliminating the issue of inequality, insecurity, and abuse of power. Most firms have these issues which affect their profit and overall performance of employees.

Human Resource Practices

Human resource practice affects the performance of employees directly or indirectly and affects the overall performance of a firm. The main aim of the human resources management department is to maximize the profits of organizations and retain employees for a long time. Human resource department needs to the physiology of employees and organizations, then develop policies according to that (Skinner, 1981).

To remove the insecurity among employees HR department need to form contract and policies accordingly which ensure that they are secure in the organization and if they perform up to mark they will also get promotions and other financial benefits. It’s not easy to please every employee, but HR can take such a step which they can satisfy maximum numbers (III, 2011).

Human resource department also needs to make policies which ensure that every employee is equal in front of the organization and there will be no biases, and all will be treated equally and according to performance. HR needs to make create certain criteria for employees, and they need to perform accordingly. Abuse of power happens when Manager does not treat their employee well, and they feel they are superior, HR needs to focus on this issue and control it with their human resource practice that everyone has right to complain about other if he is not treated well by other.

Hiring and recruitment of new employees are very critical because they are going to impact the organization in the long term. HR manager needs to design a proper method for this and choose the right person for the right job (Ignatius, 2015). One of the main challenges of the companies HR in this global and competitive world is to hire the right person and to attain their high motivation and productivity level. But sometimes companies HR not hire right person that leads to fraud and slow innovation like the case of Nokia Company (Vuori & Huy, 2016).

One of important practice of HR is training and development of employees which allows them to perform according to organization standards; they also become satisfied with a firm that it is helping them to polish their skills and also teaching them new ones. Training and development tell employees that the organization pays attention to their career which makes them loyal. Job designing is also of human resource department function which describes the job tasks in detail. One statement issue also can be resolved by proper job description (Ignatius, 2015).

Talent Management

The Human resource studies further suggested the practice of talent management which can be described as the organizations’ commitment to hire, recruit, retain and develop the most talented and highly skilled and superior employees in the job market. It is a useful term which describes the organization’s commitment to retain, hire, recruit and develop the employees within the company who has the best talent in the job market (Heathfield, Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop, 2019). It is linked with all the system and practices contributing to developing the most talented workforce. It is a business strategy which enables organizations to retain their most superior and skilled employees (Heathfield, Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop, 2019).

Riding waves of the technological innovation are one of the main challenge that global organizations in this competitive world faces and for this, they require to implement the changes rapidly. But in organizations, the implementation of the changes is not successful and restrict the success mainly because of the HR poor practices. When the HR of company implement change with communicating, offering training, knowledge or appraisal to employees, this discourage them and as a result change not give benefit to companies (Strebel, 2016)

Like in the case of the Maersk Company the HR of the company is not much effective. They don’t have efficient performance evaluation, compensation and hiring, and selection process that results in employees poor practices. So, the company need to change its HR for attaining high return in the market (Disanferdinand, 2018)

Talent management can be used as the strategy for businesses to an employee the best talent among the competitive market. Talent management can help organizations to gain a competitive edge over others. When the organization human resource tells the potential employee that they are focused on the talent an agent the employee will be more confident to develop themselves professionally, and it will ensure that the organization attract the best talent and retain it. The study shows that the potential to grow in the organization and to have the opportunity to develop their skills is the key for employees to join the organization and stay at it.

The human capital management and performance management focuses on the manager’s role which is an important part, but it ignores to focus on the employee life cycle within the organization whereas talent management focuses on employees life cycle at the organization and ensure that the talent has the opportunity to grow and flourish their career within the organization. It also gives further importance to the role of managers (Heathfield, Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop, 2019).


Organization in the pursuit of profits ignores other aspects which give rise to inequality and insecurity in society. An organization needs to adopt the corporate social responsibility practices to create a balance between the society in which they operate as they are using more resources of the society for doing their business. The organizational success is linked to the motivated and goal oriented employees which is also a critical success factor for an organization to lead and have the competitive edge over other organizations while focusing on to adopt the corporate social responsibility practices.



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