Summarize the key points of the required reading “Social Media and Its Effects on Individuals and Social Systems”



This paper explains the effects of social media on individuals and their social society. The social media has a great impact on today’s generation; it is controlling human brains. It is not just affecting to a single person but it a whole society is effecting by the excess use of social media. The main purpose of this paper is to illustrate the social condition that are using new technologies and getting wide information about everything.

It is true that new technology development can’t be returnable, but it is possible to handle the negative consciousness by these developments. The excess use of Facebook affects the behavior of daily life. The facts and figures are showing the importance of the internet for the social system by communication and exchanging of information, learning tools and news on an individual level. Communication and social media frequency are increasing continuously. There is no age limit for the use of Facebook.

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The social media process is defined by creating, exchanging, sharing and modifying the ideas of people by virtual networking and communicating among communities. New technologies are changing the demands for information seekers without any profit or loss. In Egypt and Syria, networking and social media is an effective tool for social changes and political elections.

The social media also gives benefits from online communication at a global level. The impact on social relations and other activities are also explained in the study by some research work. The media multitasking basically associated with a negative range of social indicators with successfully social feeling pays bad influence.

Social media facilities with global communication by connecting with civilization in deserted areas. There are many advantages and disadvantages of social media. The effects of social media are not only based on individuals but also on the whole society. The effect develops and subtle to suggest the counteracting ways of raising self-awareness among people.

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