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Samsung is the technology leader in the world, the company has a large number of products of everyday use, a company made his name a few years back, when they introduced the mobile series of Galaxy, it has taken over the world by storm. Samsung from that time has expanded exponentially and produced different models of mobile every year with some different models. These phones are highly appreciated in the tech market and people using this technology to enhance their user experience with mobiles. Samsung has sold over 73.03 million phones from the beginning and comes at second in comparison with Apple stated by research firm Gartner.

Samsung manufacture TV, Mobiles, and other technological devices; Samsung is a high-end tech brand, and to be competitive in the market Samsung needs advertisements for their phones as its competitors are big. Samsung has to retain and increase its market share by advertising its high-tech mobiles. These advertisements helped Samsung to control their market share and, in these advertisements, they use competitors back draws to enhance their promotional content and their competitors like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook use the same to undermine their devices. These tactics are used to control the market share of these companies (Villas-Boas, 2018). Therefore, in this paper, the primary focus will be to observe the Galaxy X advertisement presented by Samsung in August 2018, whereas analyzing the rhetorical aspect of the ad, as the central part of this paper.

Rhetorical artifact and its context:

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Competing for these brands, Samsung has to make new advertisements to promote company products. These ads make sense also as the company wants to associate with its users digitally and make them feel valuable customers of the company. Samsung commercial for Galaxy note 9 is a c

onsiderable case to do the rhetorical analysis for some reasons mentions below

  • An objective of the advertisement
  • Substance depicted for promotion
  • Viability and effects of this promotion

Although Samsung is giant in the manufacturing of tech devices, their new products need commercials to promote these devices; there are several objectives for making these commercials. The main objective of these ads is to convey to people that the phone they are watching in the business is the best choice in the number of smartphones in the market (Kingsley-Hughes, 2018).

Companies influence individuals by making these advertisements to convince them to buy these devices to use, advertisements focus on the mobile enhancing characteristics and the new technology they have used in mobiles which can attract customers to purchase these devices. In the ad of 2018 of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, they focused on features like S Pen, which enable users to do presentations in their professional work and can click selfies. When they are out of the professional environment, they used a middle-aged man as a user in their ad, which signifies the professional individual and how he looked better in different attires carrying the Samsung flagship device to be appealing to professionals (Kingsley-Hughes, 2018).

In the ads, they demonstrate the power of the camera in mobile and show different pictures of the real world. In mobile devices, they also introduced the bright colors feature, which automatically enhances the colors of the images and makes it more flawless. They also used AI technology to detect the flaws of a young aged woman face, which can be seen in the ads while taking pictures from Galaxy Note 9 camera to appeal the users by attracting them hat how beautiful they can be by using these flagship devices (Villas-Boas, 2018).

They introduced different models differentiated by their ram and internal storage and depending price on these specifications. They also highlighted the molded screen feature from which people can do various tasks and how this display makes it more beautiful. It is the highest price phone after Apple iPhone X; these prices range from $1000 to $1250 depending on storage capacity, which is available in two versions of 128 and 512 GB (Martonik, 2018).

Analysis of Rhetoric Analysis

The commercial has three aspects of persuasion which are Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, ethos is used for means of convincing the targeted audience through credibility and authority of persuader, Samsung itself is the name of reliability, and through their advertisements they are showing credibility and authority of a powerful brand which they are delivering through a voice behind the ad. Ethos has possessed that there is no age limit to buy this phone, and it can be used by everyone (Williams, 2018).

Pathos is utilized to show emotions in the advertisement and from seeing characters and taking pictures of people during the ad indicates that all people were happy which is to influence the phycological effects as in the ad all people were looking happy which shows that having this mobile will not make you sad rather than happy and if you have this mobile in your life. You will feel great that incorporates the pathos effect and to enhance the experience of ad viewers ad contains a background energizing music that gets people’s attention and makes them engaged through the whole ad and influence emotionally. The ad engages people through music and lets them stick to their seats to watch the ad; they use emotions very well in the ad, as these show that the people who have Samsung Galaxy note nine around them are happy.

Logos is the third technique to persuade people through facts and figures, and the most official picture is their logo, which they have mentioned in the ad several times on their mobile device. In advertisement, they have discussed different figures like 4000 mah battery to last the phone usage for an entire day based on battery facts, and they also persuade about there camera technology which they have used and mentioned as 23 megapixels which are the persuasion techniques which they have used through logos to enhance the appeal of their flagship device. In charging, they have introduced the wireless charger with not which does not have to attack cable with a phone, which also an appealing factor for individuals. They also gave the option to use your phone like a PC with attaching it to a big screen and use a phone as control terrible; this is also generating appeal in the mobile.

Through this ad, Samsung wants to accomplish higher sals and hi8gher profits in return to cover the costs of mobile and going in to profit. A company is one of the most valuable and discussed companies in the world, and people trust their name when it comes to the usage of mobile phones. Samsung has always been appealing and worth to watch, they have one of the best technologies in the world, and they are using it to improve their company image and sales continuously (Yiu, 2013).

Samsung advertisement is looking to be exceptionally well as the demand for its products is increasing. Samsung, although it is a large company in the business, they still have to need to advertise due to the competition and to retain their market share. Advertising help brands to spread their name on different social media, TV, and through other platforms to make hype of their product, and people anticipate Samsung products a lot more. Ads generate appeal in people’s minds and make the company accessible, which is needed for higher sales growth and people to know about the new products of the company (Gunther, 2018).

Effectiveness of Rhetoric                                                                                          

Their advertisement looks like it is working exceptionally well, and people are anticipating the phone more than ever before, and people want to buy the phone as soon as possible. People are sitting tight to grab the phone in their hands and have experience of this exceptionally high-end technology device. Galaxy Note 9 has the biggest screen 6.4, which was ever used by Samsung in their note series and the S pen which is an integral part of Samsung note has also improved to give customers a better experience with Bluetooth installed in it which is a new feature that was not introduced before. Ads are working exceptionally well, and people have made advanced bookings for their phones, which shows that this product will reap good profits.

Companies need advertisements no matter how well they are working in the market. Still, they have to make ads to stick to people’s minds, and people usually discuss Samsung when the phone technology and other updated technologies. This shows the brand credibility in technology markets, and people trust these brands for exceptional experiences (Williams, 2018). The public has a great response towards the brand advertisement of Samsung, as one of the leading companies within the domain of electronics, especially. Also, it would not be wrong to say that the ad of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has gained its goal through its advertisement, as it has obtained a great response from people all around the world and, therefore, the desired outcome is achieved through the 100% brand selling of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 production.


In conclusion, it would not be wrong to say that the advertisement of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has successfully gained the attention of people all over the world, primarily using rhetorical elements of ethos, pathos, and logos within the advertisement. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ad is an accurate depiction of a technology-leading brand in the mobile market and technology market. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ads are ethical with emotional appeal and based on logical facts and figures. People want to buy these mobiles as they provide more excellent user experience and comfort, which is more than their price range. Therefore, Samsung has successfully appealed the attention of people through both the use of technological revolution along with the use of perfect advertisement of its brands, rhetorically, certainly for Galaxy Note 9.


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