Rhetorical Analysis Sample Essay


Samsung is the technology leader in the world, the company has a large number of products of everyday use, a company made his name a few years back, when they introduced the mobile series of Galaxy, it has taken over the world by storm. Samsung from that time has expanded exponentially and produced different models of mobile every year with some different models. These phones are highly appreciated in the tech market and people using this technology to enhance their user experience with mobiles. Samsung has sold over 73.03 million phones from the beginning and comes at second in comparison with Apple stated by research firm Gartner.

Samsung manufacture TV, Mobiles, and other technological devices; Samsung is a high-end tech brand, and to be competitive in the market Samsung needs advertisements for their phones as its competitors are big. Samsung has to retain and increase its market share by advertising its high-tech mobiles. These advertisements helped Samsung to control their market share and, in these advertisements, they use competitors back draws to enhance their promotional content and their competitors like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook use the same to undermine their devices. These tactics are used to control the market share of these companies (Villas-Boas, 2018). Therefore, in this paper, the primary focus will be to observe the Galaxy X advertisement presented by Samsung in August 2018, whereas analyzing the rhetorical aspect of the ad, as the central part of this paper.

Rhetorical artifact and its context:

Competing for these brands, Samsung has to make new advertisements to promote company products. These ads make sense also as the company wants to associate with its users digitally and make them feel valuable customers of the company. Samsung commercial for Galaxy note 9 is a c


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