Travel Essay about New Zealand

new Zealand travel essay

Every country has different social, cultural values and norms. The quick history of Newzealand: The culture of New Zealand is essentially is a mixture of western culture. It is influenced by the geographic remoteness of the islands. New Zealand is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. New Zealand contains topographic and climate variation.

New Zealand Travel

I visit New Zealand to explore new places, people and places. I stay in New Zealand for a time period of six months. My family friend has already resided there. Meori has begun to interact with European visitors and settlers. The culture is in the modern era shaped by the urbanization. It is the revival of traditional practices and close interaction with the New Zealanders and European.

The arrival of Europeans to New Zealand starts from the 17th century. It brings enormous changes to the Maori way of life. Both are visually different. European and Mori people belong to different cultures and tradition.


New Zealand has a fantastic mixture of art and culture. New Zealand is a worth seeing culture. The first time, I visited Auckland city in New Zealand. I stayed three months with a homestay family. The flight was almost 21 hours from Riyadh, Hong-Kong and Auckland city. There are very unique customs in New Zealand from food, sports, and hospitality. The culture puts the impression of the indigenous Maori and observes the various shades of the multi-ethnic migration. In every country, the scenario of culture is different.

The people have different traditions, cultural and social values. New Zealand culture has been broadened by the globalization, and the people immigration from the Pacific islands, South Asia and West Asia. I stayed with a family and spend a good time with them. The people were very nice and sweet. I used to watch the rugby game with them.  I have experienced the culture of kiwi and Maori people with them. The people of New Zealand like to visit each other especially their relatives.



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