My Favourite Place to Visit Essay

The Red Sea Reef present in Egypt is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Red Sea constitutes almost 438 thousand kilometers squares of the area of the world. It is situated as a small bay in the famous ocean lying between Asia and Africa, known as Indian Ocean.  It comes under the list of the Eco-regions defined by WWF, making it the Global 200 region of the world. By being part of the Global 200 list mentioned by WWF, it comes under the category of endangered and exposed areas of the world. The Red Sea comes under this category though but still, the Red Sea Reef situated in Egypt is a place that must be visited in life for sure. Through this piece of writing a detailed image of the place will be conveyed to the readers so that they are able to visualize the place from the closest possible way.

My Favourite Place Beach:

At the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, towards the south of Egypt, a series of resorts are present. Going to these resorts is the best way to enjoy the crystal clear water of the Red Sea Reef along the shore of Egypt. Visiting the place during daylight is breathtaking, as the brown and desert effect on one side and crystal clear blue water on the other side, make my favorite place, the beach a worth visiting place. This Red Sea is shared by many countries but the view from this coast is worth visiting.

During the daytime, it is an outstanding place to visit, like the sunshine on the desert at one side and on the pure and clear water on the other side is a view that can’t be found at any other place. The coast along the south of Sinai is also known as Red Sea Riviera, making up a perfect place to visit with family during vacations. The resorts are of two kinds, the old traditional types of resorts can be observed on the west side of the coast of the respective sea, whereas the old but beautifully designed resorts are more found in the eastern side of the sea.  However, there are still present some new ravishing resort towns in the western coast of the Red Sea Riviera.

The overall scene White boats, blue clear water, and the light brown desert create such a mesmerizing scenario overall to the people, who visit it. Spectacularly visible water colorful beautiful creatures of nature can be seen by peeping in the water. Just like a crystal shines when light hits it, the water of the Red Sea at this point also shines like this. The visibility of the water can also be conveyed by the example of crystal. As seen through the crystal is, as clear the water of Red Sea is.

Upon my visit to the place, the experience of standing along the side of the heavenly shore of Red Sea and looking in the blissful water was that moment of life, which made me go speechless for few seconds. This feeling is something that cannot be labeled at all as because the view of the exact point, where the desert and the seawater merge, leaves the person with no words. The scene is amazingly exotic and reflects the true natural beauty on the planet.

Mesmerizing view under the water left me with a magical wave. The sea-green or close to blue watercolor was mixed with green, brown, yellow, grey, red, and various bright and fresh colors from the underwater. The stretched reef and diverse beautiful species in the water is one of the reasons, which attract tourists all around the world to visit this place.

In addition to the sweet and harm-free species in the water, there are some dangerous and troublesome aspects too related to the coast of water, which are mentioned by the instructor to you when you are going to visit the place. Fire Corals is amongst the category, which makes it very painful for the people who ever tried to poke it or touch it. Raising your hand towards the stinging hydroids is also something, which must not be touched at all or otherwise will leave the person in much pain. However, the Red Sea animals are not dangerous to that extent, but are extremely gorgeous, having striking features, attracting people towards the zone. But there do exist, few toxic and deadly animals in the water, which should be kept away from eating.

My Favourite Place Essay Conclusion 100 words:

Upon my visit to the Red Sea Coast, I was also able to enjoy the tourist life of the place. Diving in the 22-degree water, relaxing the body in the peaceful spas, going deep under the water to witness the marine life with the help of snorkel, swimming in the clean fresh water, fishing the stunning colorful fish, and sightseeing at the sunset especially are those aspects, which make up the place ravishing for any visitor. One thing which I liked about this place, the most was swimming with the dolphins in the translucent water of the sea. The breathtaking and heart-throbbing place is a must-visit if your likeness is towards the nature and beauties of nature, because this exquisite place, adds up to the album of memories, some life-changing images and experiences.

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