Micro Essay Sample- Kingdom Of God in Mark’s Gospel

Mark’s Gospel is the written description of the rules and ideas according to Christianity, present in the Bible. In Mark’s Gospel, the idea of the Kingdom of God is present in the Gospel according to Mark, indicating the authority of God over the territory. The exercise of the power of kingship over a territory is something that comes under the category of the term, “Kingdom of God”. The following piece of writing from Mark’s Gospel leaves an outline of the idea of Kingdom of God, according to the Gospel of Mark. It is stated;

“For Jesus the Gospel was the nearness of the Kingdom of God” (1:14-15)

Though it has been quantified that it is not affiliated to eating and drinking, it can be expanded according to the demands of the creation and belief of God. Keeping in mind the fact is important that the Kingdom of God expands when the number of people willing to surrender to God actually increases. As for example this can be better explained by the example that once a woman had no strong faith in God, but when she was attacked by few evil people, beating her brutally, she through her instinct, asked God for help. Upon this situation, God helped her, through his authority and all of this resulted in her, entering the Kingdom of God (Bradshaw, 1991).

The Kingdom of God is not stated to be found under the power of money or power, contrarily the idea of the Kingdom of God is for the one with troubles, purity, little children, and people belonging to this category, as these hold more right than the people living a luxurious and satisfying life in accordance to their eyes. this can be proved from the statements presented in the Mark’s Gospel, stating;

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (10:14) (Mark, Mark 10:14, 1973)

And also for explaining the righteousness of the poorer over the rich one, this can be a good thing to state;

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (10:25) (Mark, Mark 10:25, 1973)

From the above-mentioned verses, the idea of the Kingdom of God can be made quite clear. The aspects where the Kingdom of God could be found are mentioned in Mark’s Gospel. This could touch the minds of few people that the Kingdom of God is limited for those, who are enjoying already the life of luxuries and have power and money. But with the help of the above-mentioned verses, taken from Mark’s Gospel, it becomes quite clear that the Kingdom of God is for the innocent, needy, and those who actually have loopholes in their life.

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