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Write Assignment First Page

A majority of the students tend to skip the front page of an assignment as they consider it an unimportant part of the assignment. In actuality, the assignment’s first page impacts how your instructor or reader remarks on your work.

One of the crucial benefits of a great assignment’s first page is that it enhances people’s interest in your work, creates a good impression and builds a foundation for an excellent grade. It ascertains that they pay attention to your work, and award you the grade you deserve with some additional points. So, it is an imperative part of your assignment, similar to other sections.

Though, when you study how to create essays, research papers, and assignments, you should know that the cover page is the representation of your work. As a student, when you create the first page of the assignment you should follow particular formats and presentation skills as set by your institution.

Usually, your instructor may provide you with clear guidelines on how to create the initial page. However, if they don’t, you may follow a general format for your assignment. On the contrary, if you don’t learn to create a proper title page, you might end up getting a lower grade.

This article will discuss how to write the assignment first page and will include some useful techniques for students to ensure they outperform in class and get ideal grades.

What is A Cover Page of an Assignment?

A cover page of an assignment illustrates basic data about the candidate, topics and concerns of the project. It may provide a quick review to the reader of the project or task details, and support their better understanding of the page.

Some institutions may also provide cover sheet templates in a standard format, and demands print and filing similar to other forms. So, if you focus on the main page of the assignment, it can push you into the good books of your instructor.

How Can Assignment First Page Make a Difference?

Your assignment’s cover page is the first thing your instructor will review, and it certainly creates an immediate impact. And it can be a decisive moment for your grade. College and university students are regularly assigned assignments, projects, research work, and much more. Everything eventually makes up their grade, CGPA and career.

While capable candidates put in a lot of effort into researching, critical thinking and perfectly attempting their assignments, they should be careful of some requirements like the cover page. It can help boost their marks. So, it is always a good idea to learn the right composition of the university or college assignment’s cover page, or you may seek accounting assignment help.

Creating an attractive, impressive and precise cover page can please your instructor who may want to appreciate you and award extra marks. On the contrary, flaws in the first page can be undesirable.

Different Types of Assignments and Their Front Pages

Standard Assignment

If you are attempting a standard assignment, the title page may illustrate some basic info such as student, subject, assignment title, course title and professor name. However, in a few cases, the instructor provides a format for the front page of the assignment. And if you have no clue about the first page requirements then you should try to include all necessary details like your name, subject title, assignment title, submission date, and professor name.

Case Study

A case study is an academic assignment that encompasses a detailed overview of a miracle or circumstance. Generally, the case study cover page structure may include details like candidate name, case study title, and university or institute name.

Research Paper

A research paper includes contents, findings and solutions to a particular issue, social situation or configuration. You may create a research paper for an academic network or you may submit it as a piece of your scholastic program.  

While the cover page of an academic paper includes the name, research subject, director’s name, and institution specifics. It may also include a running head. While the cover page’s space and organization depend on the preferred referencing style like APA or MLA.

Book Cover

A book cover may encompass the title and author’s name. You may also include a related image or synopsis of the manuscript.

Lab Report

Science students are required to manage laboratory files in which they keep up an account of their experiments, quantities, and inferences. So, for the lab report assignment first page, you should include all essential course specifics.

Article Review

It is another major task assigned to students in which they read and write a review of someone else’s research work. For this, students may create an additional title page for the assignment, and other times they may fuse it with the assignment.

An Overview of the First Page of an Assignment

Table of Contents

The first page of the assignment allows the reader to get basic details about the candidate who has written the assignment. It is an essential part of an assignment. A few times, many students may fail to include some important details such as their names and other particulars which may cause inconvenience for the professor and result in poor marks. Hence, emphasizing the front page is crucial to capturing the reader’s attention.

Basics of the First Page of an Assignment

Your assignment’s first page must comprise some basic elements. However, your instructor may provide particular guidelines on the features or basics required for your assignment’s first page. And, if it is not the case, you may include some standard information like project title, assignment subject, candidate details (name, student ID, degree title), instructor’s name, university specifics (name and department), and date of submission.

These are important pieces of information that you should include on your assignment’s first page unless you have special instructions from your professor. Always remember that the first page needs to be specific, so avoid adding extra details that may bother your instructor.

Some Useful Tips for Creating an Outstanding Assignment Cover Page

Display and Font Size

Generally, there is an assignment structure for every research paper or essay that students need to follow and the cover page is an essential part of the structure. According to economics assignments help, you may follow some tips to create an outstanding cover page for an assignment:

If you want a presentable cover page, you should prefer using standard fonts rather than fancy ones. Using bold, and keeping text clear and simple is an impressive way to create an extraordinary cover page. However, some teachers may have special instructions about the fonts, so if this is the case, you should stick to it. In other cases, make sure your first-page text should have clear visibility. And keep the font consistent throughout the document.

Spelling and Grammar

Your cover page should not have any grammatical or spelling errors.


Your document presentation is crucial as it creates the first impression on the reader or professor, and affects your grading also.

Personal Details

Candidate details are a part of the basic elements of a cover page. Make sure not to omit any details. Your name should be written properly in big font and bold text.

Keep a Check on Word Count

Always remember that your cover page needs to be specific. So try to include valuable words so that the word count remains limited.

Focus on Organization

Organize all the required info on the cover page in a proper manner or pattern that flows into itself. Make sure every piece of info is consistent and has the right sequence.


This blog mentions the best tips and tricks on how to make a cover page for a university assignment. It also includes details about creating cover pages for different types of assignments. As the cover page is the first thing that your teacher will review, focusing on its proper structuring can be a jumpstart for your assignment grade. Otherwise, a nicely written assignment with a poor cover page can create a negative impression and lead to compromised grades.

So, why risk your grades? Creating a proper cover page is not time taking, all it requires is some attention to details, and following a certain format. Learning to create proper cover pages can certainly help your professional skills and careers also. It will become your habit that will continue in your professional lives, and will help you outshine others.

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