Leader Profile-George Walker Bush


George Walker Bush  

Bush Jr.

Former President of the United States
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Dates of Birth: 6 July 1946 Hair: Brown
Place of Birth: Connecticut, United States Eyes: Blue
Height: 5.9 inches Sex:
Weight: 86.6 kg
Build: – Citizenship: American
Language(S): English
Scars and Marks: –

Last known address: 1412 W Ohio Ave, Midland, United States


Former President of the United States from Jan 20, 2001, to jan21, 2009.


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George Walker Bush is the former President of the United States who served from 2001 to 2009. Born in July 1946, Bush also served on several other governmental posts and political positions, including the governor of Texas. He is also referred as George W. Bush Junior to differentiate between him and his father, George Herbert Walker Bush. His father also served as the President of the United States from 1989 to 1993. Bush is the eldest son in his family. Her mother Barbara Bush is an American educator and also the First Lady of the United States during the tenure of her husband’s presidency (Hendrix, 2018). Bush was born to his father when he was studying at Yale. His father raised him in Mainland, Texas, and Houston. Bush has four siblings, Neil, Marvin, Jeb, and Dorothy. One of her younger sisters died as a child at the age of three. Bush was raised in a political family with his grandfather, a senator from Connecticut. Besides, his father also remained the Vice President of the United States during Ronald Regan’s tenure as a President. The early education of Bush started from a public school in Mainland. After completing his seventh grade, his family moved to Houston. He studied for two years in The Kinkaid School in Texas. After that, he attended high school in a boarding school in Massachusetts. He started playing basketball in high school and also remained as the head cheerleader. For higher studies, Bush attended Yale University. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts in history and also served as the President of fraternity in his university (Rubin, 2018). He was also the President of number of societies at Yale.  He got his MBA Harvard Business School in 1975. He is also the only US President to hold an MBA degree. Bush’s pre-military career is based on his two years training in Texas Air National Guard. His work experience also includes his military career, business experience, and political involvement. He remained a commissioned officer in Texas National Air Guard and served in several other commandants. His business career started when he established a small oil exploring company. His social network includes his political involvement in which he was known as an active member of political arena. Accordingly, Bush served as the campaign advisor for his father and also facilitated as a liaison member between the Presidential candidate and media. During this campaign he made several political connections and links, which later prove beneficial for his presidency campaigns.


George W. Bush belongs to a political family, and both his father and grandfather held key positions in American politics. Accordingly, his political education and inspiration started from his home where he got to know about the basics of American politics. His father is known as a President who steered the nation through tumultuous times when there were huge economic, political and social threats were lingering (Nagourney, 2018). Thus, the political acumen of Bush came from his father, and he became a good thinker and decision-maker at his young age. His military and business careers also provided him with a knack of political activities that were reshaping the future of the US. Therefore, even after the adaptation of several careers, Bush’s political insight forced him to formally join politics in 1988 when he officially became part of the Republican Party. He served as the Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000 (Balz, 2019). Soon after his retirement as Governor, he was selected as a Presidential candidate of the Republic Party. His works and decisions as a Governor proved that he had the ability to run as a President. Therefore, he succeeded in beating his Presidential rival with a good margin and became the President of the US. During his presidency, he proved that he is the right candidate for this position. He took several decisions that reshaped the dynamics of modern world in terms of economy, war and international politics. However, he was severely criticized for some decision including the one which approved of war in Afghanistan and Iraq (Barkan, 2017). Besides, he was also criticized for his administrative measures, which went wrong with millions of Americans, including his passage of tax cuts and reliefs in several states, which were seen as a setback to job markets and economic growth and development (Blake, 2013).
Within the life of Bush, he had held different commands based on the activities both personal and professional that Bush adopted even before becoming the president of the United States. In 1968, Bush decided to take the training of a pilot and joined Texas Air National Guard and held the command of lieutenant in the same year. After that in 1970 he also held the command of certified fighter pilot. Later leaving the force, Bush did his MBA in 1975 from Harvard and become gas and oil attorney. After the election of 1988 Bush held the command of a CEO of his own company, as a businessman. In 1994 Bush gained the governorship of Texas and reelected again in 1998. Finally, in 2001 he won the presidential elections and become the president of the United States till 2009.
In 1968 Bush was lieutenant in Air force.

In 1970 Bush gained the rank of certified fighter pilot

In 1975 Bush earned his MBA rank and become attorney at oil and gas.

1988, Bush held the rank of a CEO of his own company.

In 1994, Bush become governor of Texas.

In 1998, Bush re-elected as governor of Texas.

In 2011, Bush gained the rank of president of the U.S.


In 1980s, after leaving the business, Bush lived in Washington, D.C., and started writing speeches for his father’s presidential campaign. Later when he became the president himself he also gave many speeches in public. The name and sequences of Bush’s speeches are as follows;

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2002

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2003

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2004

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2005

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2006

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2007

·         State of the Union Address speech in 2008

·         Axis of Evil

·         Mission Accomplished speech

·         Space policy of George W. Bush Administration


George W. Bush was born July 6, 1946 and earned many statuses involving presidential status of the U.S. He has made many contributions to both public and government of the United States and died recently in November 30, 2018 in Houston, Texas due to vascular Parkinson’s disease.


Within the life of George W. Bush he never went to jail and he never involved in any kind of criminal activities. Also, he never tried to commit drugs in extreme conditions and not even involved in any type of political corruption or other fraud situations and lived a clean life without any indictments.
Webpage: George W. Bush has no webpage personally, because he was the president and he made his contact with people directly or through government means of communication.

Online Activities: There are no such online activities of George W. Bush as he was not so much free in his life to spend his time online.

After reading about the leadership personality of George W. Bush, it would not be wrong to say that he was a good leader, but inspirational one. In other words, what George W. Bush has had done in his life was the result of his family’s political involvement especially his father. However, one thing that is appealing about his leadership personality is linked with the fact that he was the leader for many in the United States and that his leadership development was deeply linked with his air force training and because of his father’s attachment with him.

Within the intention to evaluate the leadership personality of Bush, I would like to say that he was not a true leader in sense, but a crafted leader. After all, he was already in the leadership domain because of his familial political involvement. However, through my evaluation of leadership personality of Bush, I would say he was a person with strong ambition to become a successful person in his life, while going different stages of his life both as a personal being and professional being.


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