Essay On Terrorism

Definition Of Terrorism:

Terrorism is fear use and an act of the violence to intimidate governments and societies and against the ideology. Terrorism also refers to the violent acts that intended for creating the fear. Terms terrorism and terrorist originated during the French Revolution in the 18th century.

Terrorism is the broadest sense and use of intentional violence for religious and political purposes. Terrorism is the act that purpose is to create fear among people by illegal means.

Terrorism is basically the threat towards humanity and it includes group or single person spreading riots, rapes, violence, bombings, and fighting. It is the act of cowardice.

Kinds Of Terrorism:

Terrorism has two kinds where one is the political terrorism that creates panic on a larger scale and the other is the criminal terrorism that deals the majority in kidnapping for making money. Political terrorism is more crucial than criminal terrorism as it was done by the well-trained people.

Terrorism also spread at the national level and also at the international level. The regional terrorism is more violent as compared to others because of terrorist that die as the terrorist. The terrorist groups also made for several purposes.

There are many causes of the development of terrorism and the production of large quantities of atomic bombs, machine guns, and nuclear weapons. Economic, social, and political issues dissatisfaction of different people with the country’s system. People also use terrorism for a weapon to justify and prove the fear. Riots among Muslims and Hindus are famous, but the difference is also present between terrorism and caste.



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