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Case Summary

This case summary is all about the Metalcraft Company which was founded in 1967. The Company specializes in the supply of automotive parts to the world’s renowned car manufacturing companies. The company has a large network with a number of suppliers and possesses a good record in dealing with high-quality parts in the automotive sector. Because of the provision of high-quality parts, the company has a proper network in 27 countries and the automotive parts in which the company mostly deals with is the chassis systems, climate control systems, automotive windows, power train control systems along infotainment systems. But in these recent years, the company is facing major problems in terms of numerous defects in the automotive parts. This increasing number of defects has put the company’s resources into a stake and it has been listed in the restricted list which is causing great problems for the company.

Problem Statement

To improve the company’s recognition among the automotive supply market by enhancing the quality of the products in an efficient way.

Key Participants

Plant quality engineers – of the company who is responsible for managing the quality of automotive parts for the company. The department key roles are the following as mentioned:

  • To inspect the functionality of the product
  • To conduct an evaluation procedure regarding the reliability of parts

Supplier development engineers (SD) – are responsible for providing technical assistance to various suppliers and they also aid in evaluating the key performance indicators of the suppliers along with the identification of the areas which require attention.

Key Alternatives

  1. Emphasis on evaluating the quality of the automotive part must be made on strict guidelines.
  2. Testing procedure must be ensured before it is dispatched to the manufacturers
  3. The company must look for other renowned suppliers who are trusted worldwide and a contract must be made with them as quickly as possible

Additional Considerations

Metalcraft Company should implement a proper evaluation procedure in order to survive in the automotive market sector. The company should hire [quality control professionals for the induction of new guidelines followed by strict quality procedures. Moreover, proper training of the employees must be ensured while continuing with their job. In this way, the company would be able to earn a good reputation in the eyes of the automotive manufacturers and so their recognition would be improved considerably and as a result, the company will be able to boost its profits by implementing these procedures & guidelines.

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