Best Problem-Solving Strategies for Math Students in 2023

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Do you know why problem-solving skills are high in demand? If you are a student, it can help develop your better social and situational mindfulness. It will also teach you better time management skills and enhance your ability to be patient. Hence, focusing on problem-solving skills from a very young age will develop you into a creative, quick-witted and determined individual.

Educational institutions pay special emphasis on teaching essential skills such as critical reasoning, problem-resolving and critical thinking as these are important to face real-world challenges. So, whether it’s classroom learning, IT class or extra-curricular activities, you will get a chance to learn these skills.

Why Learn Problem-Solving Skills?

In this innovative world, you will require theoretical and practical knowledge to resolve 21st-century problems. In the real world, you will need to think out of the box to devise solutions for approaching challenges. So, before we proceed to why problem-resolving skills are essential for students, you need to understand the term “21st-century problem-resolving skills”. It is a logical procedure that encompasses critical reasoning and critical thinking to find an appropriate solution to achieve a certain goal in this ground-breaking era.

Here is why you must learn problem-cracking skills:

  • You will be able to differentiate between resolvable issues that cannot be cracked.
  • It prepares you to encounter complicated interpersonal and academic issues.
  • You will develop a deep understanding of interconnection.
  • It will help develop your new perspectives and enable you to find constructive solutions to unexpected situations or problems.
  • You will become a better risk-taker
  • It will boost your confidence and ease your path to success.
  • You will have better employment opportunities in future.
  • It will support your overall development (personal and professional development)

What are the Problem-Solving Strategies?

When you come across different situations and work to resolve different problems, you will be able to strengthen your problem-resolving aptitude. Even though you might be excellent in Math, still you must work to improve your problem-cracking skills. Hence, you must learn strategies that will boost your skill set or seek Math Homework Help in UK.

The strategies are categorized into four classes: 

Strategies to Comprehend a Problem

Before you proceed to resolve an issue, you must understand what the problem is. The best approach is to understand the problem and create a sketch in your mind. However, if you are a teacher you must adopt the following strategies:

Read the question many times

Reading the question many times will help you better understand the problem. You will be able to think over and over and devise a solution.

Teach students self-monitoring strategies

Self-monitoring strategies can be quite helpful. Some of the most useful ones include:

  • Reading the question slowly
  • Reading it at least three times
  • Seeking help
  • Highlighting important parts of the question
  • Categorise or sort info

Use schema approach

It is a math intervention stratagem that is highly useful in problem-cracking. You need to compare and contrast various word problems of similar type and devise a pattern, technique or formula that applies to all.

Strategies to Resolve a Problem

Many learners with the least interest in math feel helpless. However, there is always a way out. If you are one of them then you should learn the following strategy to resolve a problem:


You should visualize or analyse the problem in a way that you can illustrate it on paper. Teachers can use this technique in classrooms to teach the technique to the students.  

Presume and Check

Do you know how to make an educated guess? If not, you must know that it is a very useful technique to solve problems. You may make an educated guess, and then solve to know if it’s right.

Look for a Pattern

For this, you need to extract all info from the problem, list down related facts, compare them and find a pattern. Finding a pattern will help you locate missing info.

Work Backward

If you are required to find missing info in an equation, you must work backwards. If you consider Maths Problem Solving for Students, an incomplete multiplication equation 5*x = 5000 can be resolved by working backwards.

Strategies to Work Out a Problem

After you have fully understood the problem and devised a strategy, you need to practice. You must learn how to efficiently resolve a problem.

Document Every Step

You should try to write every step to resolve a math problem. For that, you may practice. It will fast-track your thought process and help you quickly reach a solution.

Check as you proceed

Checking as you proceed is another self-monitoring stratagem for math students. So, you should adopt it while solving questions. If you need assistance, contact Math Homework Help.

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Strategies to Find a Solution

You might think that solving math problems hastily is the best way. However, rushing can make you do blunders, that will adversely affect your grade. So, it is important to check. It will help you identify problem areas, and adopt the right approach to solving them. When your approach is correct, you can earn marks even if the answer is not 100% accurate. Also, you should check multiple times before you arrive at a final answer.

Here is how to check your work:

Consult Your Fellow

When learning math, you can perform better if you have a companion. You can compare answers with your peer, and evaluate yourself. If you have the same answer, then there are chances that it’s correct. However, if it’s wrong, you can review it to find your mistake.

Reread to Identify Mistakes

The majority of the time, you will be able to identify your problem and correct it. However, sometimes, you are unable to find it. In this case, you should read the problem and answer again and again.

Rectify the Mistake

You should know how to backtrack in your work to locate the exact point of the mistake. It will not only teach you how to review and revise your work but also never let you repeat the mistake.

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