Article: Op-Ed: End Racial Profiling Now-Argumentative Essay

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The respective article titled, “Op-Ed: End Racial Profiling Now” is written by Jorge Rivas in 2009. Through this essay, the author aims at targeting one of the greatest issues of society, known as racial profiling. First of all, the term racial profiling must be explained to understand the article in a better form. Racial profiling can be basically referred to as pointing to a special race or group of people for incarceration or related evil activities. Under racial profiling, one group is considered superior to some other group of the society, creating discrimination in the area.

Using the article, the fact will be analyzed that if the aspect of discrimination among the humanities under the title, ‘racial profiling’ right action or should be ended.   It is, though, stated in the article that racial profiling does not require targeting or aim at minorities only; even a larger group of population is also targeted under the title of racial profiling. One good example of this is the mass incarceration of African Americans, which are not that mush few in number but still are targeted because of having no political and financial authorities in the region. Therefore, considering this point stated in the article, one thing that can be debated is that racial profiling is not limited to minorities only. However, still, the minorities more often come under the trap of racial profiling.

Usually, the people who are different from the majority of the people in any region or who go different from the usual ones are often targeted under racial profiling (Rivas). Other than this, the End Racial Profiling Act’s efforts, also known as ERPA, are also presented in the article, all only to prove that racial profiling is of no good use but only leads to evil doings in society. It leads the society to not become safe from the other race or contradicting thoughts, but it leads to counterarguments, conflict based on differences of thoughts and behaviors. This all can lead to disturbance in the region and not make it a safer place. It is stated that racial profiling is to keep the society safe from the illegal acts of society, but this is not given due attention under this phenomenon that through racial profiling, crimes are increased. The society is changed into a ‘less safe’ place (Rivas).

The argument presented in the article regarding the focus of law on the behavior of the people and not the race is something that must be agreed upon by the majority because the criteria to put someone before the prison not should be that he belongs to that school of thought or that race. Still, it should be that whether he behaved according to the rules and regulations of the state or not. Therefore, being ethically and legally right and wrong is something that must be used for profiling. Still, not the characteristic of someone belonging to some race should be used for the profiling in the region.

Considering all the aspects mentioned in the article, from the historical examples to the EPA’s efforts, the best possible conclusion of the essay can be of actually finishing the racial profiling from the regions and making the society a happy and peaceful place to live. Incarceration of any kind must not be based on racial distribution or religious differences but only because of the attitude and behavior of the people.

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