A list of at least Three additional privileges White people can have in 2022


The mostly people discuss about the additional privileges and talk about the concept of white privilege. Mostly people face the skin color privileges, class region, ethnic status, or geographic location.

The Africans American co-workers, friends and acquaintances come into daily. Whom I come into daily and frequent contact in the particular.

Mostly people are not spending time with the people. Some people are in the habit of the mistrust. They considered the others people not trustful.

In the company of the people most of the people face the issue of the racism. Some people like to go to the music shop and finds the music of my race represented. I like to go to the super market and like to buy the staple foods which fit with my cultural tradition.

Then, make a list of at least three privileges males (males generally … not “white males”) in our society might have.


male privileges like to protect their children because of their racism. Most of the time people might not like them. Male need to educate their children and make it aware of the systematic racism for their own daily physical protection. Because of the awareness, the people does not feel the fear and racism issues.

The male like to speak in the public group without putting the racism trail. Men can do well in the challenging situation without being called a credit to my race.

It became the casual practice to listen the other person voice in the group. It does not a matter, who is member or leader of his/ her own group. Some cultures may produce the little fears about ignoring the prospects and power of the people of other people. As a leader, the person should not concern with the racism.

The people ignore the development in the minority writing and minority activist programme. It need to disparage them, and learn from them, It is need of the hour to find the way to escape from the negative consequences of any of the choices. Sometimes, the people go into the meeting of the organization. they feel to somewhat tired , and feel isolated and out of the place, unheard, undistant kinds of fear.

Finally, make a list of at least three privileges females (again, females generally … not “white females”) might have. For each of these lists, be sure to phrase your privileges in a way that is similar to how McIntosh phrases hers.


Most women are worried about the racism .The men travel alone with spouse without being expecting embarrassment or hostility in those who deal with us. The women will always welcome the other communities in a normal way and usual walk of the public life, institutional and the social interaction.

The argument with the other race or colleague is more like to jeopardize.

Some women faces the crises of the promotion because of the racism. The women have talent and abilities but in spite of being, women deprived of their basic rights and not able to get the prominence place in the society. The community of men is not ready to accept the individuality of the women. In the company. The women are not able to get respect in the society.

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