Summary Of A Jury Of Her Peers

Main Theme Of A Jury Of Her Peers

The primary theme of the story is that it includes the investigation and discovery of the murder of John Wright. The main context or theme of the story rotates around gender roles in society. It highlights the significant roles of men and women in society.

In the same manner, the story suggests that women can understand many things that men cannot understand as they do not look things like women do and it is the case with men as well. They can see various things in their homes and societies that women are unable to see.

The story targeted killing of Wright by his wife. The major reason for his murder was that he was treated poorly to his wife and not in a manly manner. It means that poor treatment of an individual towards another can make a person so hyper that he or she can kill him for his or her solace and mental peace (Anwar, 2019). The author of the story has used various symbols to target life of different characters of the story.



For instance, the author has used the symbol of a birdcage to symbolize the life of Minnie, the wife of Wright. The bird and the birdcage is a symbol that is used in literature to highlight the forced role of a woman in society. The bird in this symbol is a woman and a cage is a symbol for a man.



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