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Assignment Cover Page

An assignment cover page, also the first page of a project creates the first impression on the reader. So, when attempting an assignment, the cover page is the most important part as it includes the candidate’s name, course title, institution, student ID, submission date and other relevant details.

Though a cover page includes basic details, the impact it leaves on the instructor makes a huge difference. A poorly structured front page without any formatting will ultimately leave a negative impression on your teacher or the reader. However, a well-designed cover will not only create a positive impression but also excite the reader to look into the assignment.

Tips for Creating an Impressive Cover Page

If you want to amaze your instructor and score extra marks, then you may follow the below-mentioned tips to create a commendable cover page:

Font Style

Experts recommend using simple, readable, rich and bold text rather than using extravagant font styles. The reason is that it enables the reader to understand things in a better manner. Furthermore, you should avoid placing pictures behind the text as it may cut down the reader’s visibility while reading the content.


Presentation plays a crucial role in articulating what you want to communicate to the audience and the way you should illustrate it. A good presentation of the title page is important as it leaves a long-lasting impact on the professor. Moreover, it influences your instructor’s decision when they grade your task.

Spell Check

Before you submit the assignment, it is imperative to proofread it and check it for any spelling or grammar mistakes (especially the cover page).


As students are in the learning stages of life, they should be honest when attempting the assignment. They should only write original content and avoid plagiarism.

Specific Details

Students should always remember to include their names and class in a clear font so that it is easily visible to the teacher.

What are the Benefits of Creating an Assignment Cover Page?

While the cover page creates the first impression on the reader, it has several other benefits as well. A nice cover page encourages professionalism in students that will help them in their career lives. Else, allocating effort to create a good front page, reflects competence among students. Otherwise, the instructor may feel that the student is careless, disorganized and inconsiderate.

Moreover, a presentable cover page plays a key role in the progress of the entire assignment. A well-structured cover may encourage the reader to explore the assignment till the end. As every institution allocates graded assignments to the students, they expect the best outcome.

The assignments inculcate discipline in students as they have to follow a certain set of instructions and submit on time. A major part of reflecting discipline is spending time to create a nice cover page.

Some people might consider it the most unimportant part of the assignment, however, it may make or break your course grade. The cover page is a representation of your assignment content, so it should be developed accordingly. Some institutions or teachers may make it compulsory, others might not mention it, still, they expect professionalism. A major part of reflecting professionalism is to focus on the cover page.

Format of the University Cover Page

A majority of the university students may follow APA or MLA format for their assignments. So, here are specifics of the formatting styles:

MLA Formatting Style

  • A-4 size paper.
  • Write the institution name after the one-inch margin from the paper border.
  • Leave one-third of the side of the page and write the title head and subtitle of the assignment.
  • Again leave one-third part of the page, and then write student name, course name, student ID, supervisor name and then date of submission.
  • All initial letters of the wordings on the cover page must be capitalized.
  • Font size: 12.
  • Font style: Times New Roman.
  • Double spacing and centre alignment.

APA Formatting Style

  • Create a running head on the left side of the assignment and the page number on the right side.
  • After one-third portion of the page, write the paper title followed by the subtitle.
  • Then, after two to three lines, write the author’s name.
  • Stick to the same alignment and write down affiliation, course name, course ID, professor name and submission date.
  • Centre align all the elements.
  • Make the entire document double-spaced.
  • Make the title and subtitle of the assignment cover page bold.
  • If you include a subtitle, then write a; among the title and subtitle
  • Font size: 12 or 14
  • Font Style: Times New Roman

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Key Elements of the Cover Page

Assignment Title

The assignment title is the core part of the cover page that consumes the greatest space on the page. The assignment title is written at the top side of the page and can be written at the page centre.

Student Name

It is mandatory to include the author’s name on the cover page. So, in the case of assignments, the author is usually the student.

Academic Specifics

Student details are the identity in their academic institution. So, the academic specifics of the students encompass instructor name, class name, section, total credit hours, course title and much more.

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How to Create a Cover Page for Report?

The report cover page is a great opportunity to boost your document’s credibility. So, if you want your publication to outshine, you should focus on the style, images, brand, title, subtitle and layout.

When creating the cover page of your report you should follow this guideline:

  • Your style should be clear and professional
  • Choose images that complement the report cover page design
  • The cover page of the report should reflect the style, colour scheme and font type that comply with your brand
  • The layout should be carefully structured. You should focus on the colour, images and text as all should fuse in seamlessly to give a professional outlook.


The assignment cover page is a crucial part of a student’s life. Whether you study in a school, college or university, you have to attempt many assignments to prepare for the coursework and build your grade. So, your aim is to score high, so that you can excel in your future life.

While you put in a lot of effort in researching and creating answers to the assignment, how can you forget the presentation? One of the fundamental elements of an assignment is its cover page. It needs to be exceptional to create an impression on the reader.

Assignments help improve students writing, analytical and communication skills, they also teach them discipline that will help them succeed in their professional lives. One aspect of the assignment is the presentation that reflects on the cover page. A bad presentation can ruin all your efforts while a good one can earn you respect, repute and extra points. So, underestimating the importance of the cover page is not feasible.

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