supply Chain Management at STC-Case Study



The selected company for this report is Saudi Telecom Company STC. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has been offering various telecommunication services in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is operating and providing various business-related services to main cities of the KSA and, therefore, has become one of the leading telecommunication companies in Saudi Arabia with its second-largest branch office located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. There are more than 100 million customers of Saudi Telecom Company, in all over the world and that is why the company has been identified like the first telecommunication organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this regard, STC has been providing best telecommunication services and other solutions related with telecommunication to millions of customers, whereas emphasizing more on the internal capabilities of the company. Besides, STC is also concentrating to improve its business operations with the sole purpose to expand its business, in all over the world in future.

Moreover, the company is ready to enter within the global competitive atmosphere of the telecommunication sector, especially with the aim to expand its business outside of the region of the Saudi Arabia, whereas maintaining and improving the overall strategic outlook of the company to sustain its competitive edge. Therefore, the company is more likely to offer complete trust and satisfaction to all of its stakeholders, involving consumers and employees of the company as well. The company is also intended to improve its technology outlook, whereas involving new technological advancements, with the sole purpose to increase efficiency and effective of the overall business of the company (Hamed, 2015). Therefore, the company is looking to integrate and expand its supply chain network to allocate resources in a useful manner with the intention to gain complete and firm support from other business sectors like real estate so that they can offer business opportunities to expand telecommunication services of STC, across the globe.



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