SOC 319 Data Analysis: Happiness In Obese and Average Weight Kids

SOC 319 – Data Analysis

This study was designed to observe the effects of weight on a child’s happiness, intellect, and school activeness. This was done by evaluating a self-reporting survey. This survey requested that children rate their satisfaction in the previously mentioned categories on a scale of 0-100 The factor of weight was the independent variable in this study. Each child rated themselves on the following factors; happiness, intellect and school activeness. The first hypothesis of this study was that overweight children would report lower satisfaction in happiness, intellect, and school activeness than the average weight children. The following hypothesis stated that the most active children would report greater ratings of happiness

A paired samples t- test was used comparing the happiness of the most active kids to the other least active kids. This comparison displayed significant differences t (39) =5.209, p<.05. There were extreme differences in the averages happiness of the active kids reporting (M=47.43, SD=18.61) versus the inactive kids reporting a happiness mean of (M=72.97, SD=24.51). The second comparison between the school activeness of the overweight kids and average weight kids displayed similar results; there were significant differences present t (39) =4.021, p<.05. The mean school activeness of the overweight kids were (M=48.48, SD=25.32 ) the average weight kids showed a dramatically higher school activeness rating with a mean of (M=90.37, SD=11.6).

A one-way nova analysis of weight was conducted to determine if there is a significant difference in happiness levels of the overweight, underweight, and normal weight children. A statistically significant difference in happiness was not found among any weight category of the kids. F(18,20) = 1.265, p>.001.

The anova test also indicated that there are no a significant difference in a child weight and intellect. F(18,21)=.856, p<.001.  Finally the anova test showed no significant differences among weight and school activeness. F (18,21)=.514, P< .001.Average self-reporting rates of school activeness did display some differences though major differences were not found. The mean of the average weight child’s happiness was (M=90.37,SD=11.6) versus the  overweight child happiness reporting at (M=32.4,Sd=20.8).

To investigate if there is a statistically significant of happiness between a child’s school activeness and, intellect because at least one of the variables is ordinal.  The association between happiness and school activeness was positive, r=.295 p<.001, which means that as respondents report that the happiest kids was very active in school. The association between intellect of obese and average weight kids happiness was positive, r=.45, p<.001, which means that the kids that was overweight still applied themselves at school. R2= .295*.295=0.087 / .045*.045=0.2025


Sum of Squares


df Mean Square F Sig.
Obese  and Average weight happiness Between Groups 5669.879 18 314.993 1.265 .304
Within Groups 4979.095 20 248.955
Total 10648.974 38
Obese and Average weight intellect Between Groups 11093.267 18 616.293 .856 .627
Within Groups 15118.333 21 719.921
Total 26211.600 39
Obese and average weight school activeness Between Groups 5177.500 18 287.639 .514 .921
Within Groups 11758.400 21 559.924
Total 16935.900 39


N Mean Std. Deviation Std. Error Mean
Obese Happiness 40 47.4250 18.60919 2.94237
Overweight Happiness 40 48.4750 25.32353 4.00400
Underweight Happiness 40 62.3500 23.70930 3.74877
Average Weight Happiness 40 72.9750 24.51320 3.87588


Descriptive Statistics

N Minimum Maximum Mean Std. Deviation
Obese Intellect 39 5.00 78.00 42.2051 16.40632
Overweight intellect 40 16.00 100.00 78.0750 22.35998
Underweight Intellect 39 4.00 100.00 42.5897 23.53353
Average weight intellect 40 4.00 100.00 56.4250 24.13625
Valid N (listwise) 38


Descriptive Statistics

N Minimum Maximum Mean Std. Deviation
Obese school activeness 40 17.00 92.00 47.4250 18.60919
Overweight school activeness 40 13.00 100.00 48.4750 25.32353
Underweight school activeness 40 21.00 100.00 62.3500 23.70930
Average weight activeness 40 .00 100.00 72.9750 24.51320
Valid N (listwise) 40



Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig.
B Std. Error Beta
1 (Constant) 5.931 10.575 .561 .578
Obese activeness .243 .185 .202 1.310 .199
Obese and Average weight intellect .045 .202 .038 .223 .824
Average weight activeness .295 .139 .362 2.118 .041
a. Dependent Variable: Rate the following question 1-100 with 1 being very low and 100 being very high. Happiness


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